How a coaching log can help you get certified

Keep a log to get certified more easily

coaching log

When you start on your path to get certified with a recognised coach certification body such as ICF or iPEC, one of the first things you get asked to do is to keep a coaching log.

Certification bodies expect you to have a number of hours under your belt before they certify you. This means that you have to find clients and/or barter services with other coaches working with the same certification institute. 

As a requirement to successfully finish your coaching certification you will be asked to log the number of hours you spent coaching. Most certification entities will share a coaching log sheet in the form of a spreadsheet to help you keep a record of the time you spend with your pro bono or paid coaching clients.

CoachVantage offers you a simple way to log your coaching time and more. The coaching platform allows you to log both pro bono and paid coaching hours. The platform has an option for you to automatically log your coaching time immediately after a session is completed.

Coaches often get caught up with the myriad of administrative tasks after a coaching session ends and forget to log their coaching hours. Most of the time, these coaching hours never get recorded in the Excel spreadsheet that they planned on diligently updating. 

End result?

They take longer to get certified due to the hours that have been ‘lost’ due to not logging their coaching time diligently after each and every session has completed.

This predicament is completely avoidable!

A coaching platform like CoachVantage helps coaches systemize and automate business workflows and admin tasks such as automatically logging coaching hours after each session is completed. The coaching log can be easily exported as a CSV file which can then be submitted to the certification bodies.


Thus, you have a simple, reliable and verifiable way to submit your hours for certification, without needing to keep spreadsheets or paperwork that requires manual entries (and time!).

In addition to logging your coaching hours, CoachVantage also helps you keep a log of your clients’ progress. You can break down each package into milestones and give client feedback on each. That way you keep a detailed log of how the coaching progressed and how you supported your clients’ transformation.

Some coaches opt for collaborative coaching, where more than one coach will coach the same person on different aspects of the same topic to help the client reach a specific goal.

This kind of coaching can become very hard to log unless you use a platform like CoachVantage. The platform allows you to onboard clients and give them access to a client portal where they have access to all the resources that you share with them and with any other coaches you might be collaborating with.

The platform makes it easy to track all the hours for 2 or more coaches while tracking client progress and automatically logging coaching time for all coaches.

The coaching log in CoachVantage is also versatile as you can use it to determine the number of hours you’ve spent coaching in any given time period, for specific clients and for specific coaches (if you have a team of coaches working with you).

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