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How scheduling tools help you manage your coaching business

scheduling tools

Streamline the way you run your business

If you want to run a successful online coaching business, you are going to need scheduling tools to keep yourself organised and to cut down on email back and forth.


When you are starting out, you may be tempted to just use email and Google calendar or Office 365 to keep track of your time slots and bookings.

But have you ever thought about how much time you are actually wasting on managing schedules and looking up email addresses?

You probably send about seven emails before you manage to set a date for an appointment and if it changes, you have to go through it all again. The problem tends to be even more prevalent with team members or owners of small businesses that already have busy schedules.

But what if you could say goodbye to all that and have everything you need to schedule an appointment in one place with a simple mouse click? Enter CoachVantage and its versatile scheduling tools.



CoachVantage’s inbuilt scheduling tools


There are plenty of scheduling apps out there, but many of them are not user-friendly and do not include all the features you may need.

Some management software packages also contain hidden charges which you must pay to unlock the features that you need. 

CoachVantage has an inbuilt capability that allows you to schedule meetings from within. This means that you will not need to purchase third-party scheduling software.


online scheduler for coaches


The platform can run on any browser and on any device, meaning that you can access its scheduling features on the move.

CoachVantage’s scheduling tools help you save time because you can set up your availability rules and publish your scheduling page online. 

Your clients can simply pick a slot, drag and drop dates and times and even pay online from your booking page. Both the coach and the client will receive automated notifications and reminders about sessions.

Time zone conversions take place automatically, so there’s never any confusion or miscommunication and you’re never caught out. Client no-show rates (and revenue leakage!) are therefore minimized.



Rescheduling tools are hardwired into CoachVantage


One area where CoachVantage really shines is the ability to reschedule appointments easily.

If a session is rescheduled, you and your client are both notified and confirm that the meeting has been changed. You can keep track of any changes in real-time.

CoachVantage can also sync to your external calendar, so you have full control over your personal as well as your coaching commitments. 


CoachVantage offers a full suite of tools for online coaches. If you want to try before you buy, simply click below to get started.


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