CoachVantage is an all-in-one coaching management software that’s flexible and easy to use. From selling coaching programs, to signing e-contracts, to invoicing, to client onboarding and coaching, we’ve got you covered. Personal branding is supported, too. After all, this is your show!

Coaching Programs

Get Client Sign-ups Easily

CoachVantage enables you to create and sell one-on-one coaching programs. It's easy and quick with simple form filling.

Customize your branded sign-up page the way you want - add a video, collect payments, add contracts for e-signature, add intake forms, allow clients to book sessions and more!

Automate Client Enrollment

Clients enroll for coaching programs from your branded sign-up page and get access to a client portal. They can access anything you share with them like resources, notes, forms, goals, etc. Upon enrollment, a client record is automatically created in your account. Set up your workflow once to automate forever!

Automated Payments

Offer flexibility to your clients with diverse payment options: one-time investment, installment plans, or monthly subscriptions.

With Stripe integration, payments are fully automated. No more chasing clients for payment as their cards are automatically charged every billing cycle.

You can also manage client access to your valuable program resources should they cancel their subscription.

New! Automations

Supercharge Your Coaching Efficiency!

Revolutionize your coaching practice with our latest feature, 'Automation Rules'. Now, you can effortlessly automate sending goals, assignments, forms, files and notes to your clients, all at the click of a button. Whether it's a pre-determined date in the future or before or after a coaching session, our intelligent automation system handles it all.

Set it up once for each client, then let 'Automation Rules' do all the heavy lifting for you. You'll stay organized, efficient and professional and your clients will thank you for it. Maximize your impact as you focus on what truly matters - guiding and empowering your clients!

Smart Scheduling

(who needs Acuity or Calendly when you’ve got CoachVantage!)

Smart Scheduling

(who needs Acuity or Calendly when you’ve got CoachVantage!)

Contract E-signatures

contract e-signature

Get Contracts E-Signed, Immediately

Protect your business and sleep easy when clients e-sign your contracts. You can also save frequently-used contract documents as templates and use them whenever you want, saving you time.

With the Aha! Plan, you can embed a contract into your program sign-up page so clients can e-sign during enrollment. How’s that for a seamless client onboarding process?

Our e-contract features come out of the box, so you can say goodbye to HelloSign or other e-contract tools and save money.

Coaching Logs

CoachVantage tracks the progress of coaching sessions or hours for every client engagement. You can choose to automatically log your coaching time as paid or pro bono hours. Export the coaching log and submit for certification whenever you’re ready. CoachVantage always remembers to log your hours, so you can get certified faster!
Coaching Logs


Get Valuable Client Feedback

Create and send forms and questionnaires with our powerful form builder tool.

There’s a variety of question types you can choose, from multiple choice to opinion scales. View responses individually or in aggregate with charts and graphs.

You can also embed intake forms into your booking and sign-up pages to get client information so you’re well prepared for your meetings.

No need to monkey around with SurveyMonkey or other tools. Create and send as many forms as you wish with CoachVantage and elevate your coaching to the next level!

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coaching invoices

Automated Sending

One-off invoices and recurring invoices can be sent automatically on schedule. You can also set payment reminders to avoid late payments.
coachvantage invoices for programs

Add Multiple Recipients

You can add recipients to receive your invoice, such as the HR department, who may be paying for your coaching services.
multiple recipients invoices

Seamless Payment

Integrate with PayPal or Stripe so clients can pay you in one-click. We don’t charge commissions on your sales so there’s no hidden cost (only your payment processor fees apply).


Contact Management

Contract management

Everything At Your Fingertips

Stay organized and manage all your contacts and client information in one place. Everything you need - their profile, coaching engagements, session notes, invoices, contracts - all at your fingertips.

There’s no limit to how many contacts you can add. And there’s no limit to how many coaching engagements you can have.

You have the freedom to coach with passion and deliver impactful coaching!

We help you grow your business without worrying about growing costs.

Client Portal

Professional Client Experience

Clients have access to a client portal that’s branded with your business name, logo and colors.

Two-way sharing is a breeze! Share resources, notes, goals, forms, and schedule sessions via the client portal.

Clients take more accountability and can track their progress easily.

Client Portal

Resource Library

Resoruce library coachvantage
coaching resource library

You and your clients can upload files and documents securely to your CoachVantage account. Keep files private or share them with each other anytime, anywhere.

Resources that you frequently use, like worksheets, PDFs, videos, audio files, etc, can be used during your client engagements at any time.

You can also create standardized note templates and use them when taking session notes.

Need to transfer files from Google Drive, Dropbox, or Evernote to CoachVantage? No problem! Our versatile upload widget lets you do that with ease.


coachvantage integration
integration coaching
integration coaching programs


Personal Branding

Personal Branding

Customize the appearance of your interface with your business name, logo and colors.

Your brand is visible everywhere - on invoices, sign-up pages, client portal and on emails to clients.

CoachVantage works behind the scenes so everything runs smoothly for you.

After all, this is your show!


No matter where you are, you’ll have access to CoachVantage as long as you have internet connectivity and the latest browser versions for Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc.

CoachVantage has an intuitive and modern interface that looks just as good on your mobile device as it does on your laptop or desktop.


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