CoachVantage is custom built for coaches to seamlessly manage their coaching practice. Whether you're a solo coach or a coaching organization with a team of coaches, you'll have access to a platform that empowers you to deliver exceptional results for your business and your clients.



Stay organized and manage all your contacts and client information in one place. Everything you need - their profile, coaching engagements, session notes, invoices, contracts - all at your fingertips. You won't need to hunt for information in multiple places like Excel, Google Drive or your inbox (horrors!) ever again.

You can easily import an existing contact database in one click. And just as easily export your database from CoachVantage to your local drive so you'll never have to worry about losing your precious data.



Unless you find it therapeutic, you can finally stop playing email ping-pong with your clients to confirm a booking.

With CoachVantage, you can create events, set up your availability rules and publish your scheduling page online. Clients self-book, make payment (optional) and receive automated email notifications, including meeting reminders. Time zone conversions are automated too.

2-way sync with your external calendar is possible so you're never double booked. You're in full control of your time, your business and your life.


CoachVantage empowers you to create and sell your coaching programs online. It's easy and quick with simple form filling.

Clients/prospects sign up for your program from your landing page, make payment and schedule their first session with you.

Sign-ups are also invited to create a client portal, thus enabling a professional on-boarding experience. They'll have access to program resources (videos, files, etc) that you offer, from the client portal.

Upon sign up, a client record is automatically created in your CoachVantage account so you can seamlessly manage the coaching engagement with your clients.


Create branded invoices and send them to your clients in one click. CoachVantage supports one-off invoices and recurring invoices that are sent automatically on schedule.

You can optionally add recipients to receive your invoice, such as the HR department, who may be paying for your coaching services.

Integrate with PayPal or Stripe so your clients can pay you in one-click convenience. CoachVantage does not levy any commissions on your sales (you'll only get charged by your payment processor), so there's no hidden costs to you.


Forget about having to manually track and log your coaching time. With CoachVantage, your coaching time for every session is automatically logged upon completion (optional setting).

CoachVantage also tracks sessions completed and sessions remaining for all your coaching engagements so you’re always on top of things.

Your coaching log can be exported at the click of a button. If you’re looking to get certified by the International Coaching Federation, you’ll be happy to know that the coaching log is in the ICF prescribed format. You won’t ever forget logging your coaching time again which means you can get certified faster and deservedly so!


Invite your clients to create a secure account portal to facilitate coach/coachee interaction and manage your coaching engagements efficiently.

Share notes and resources, set and track goals and assignments and enable session scheduling. Invoices and contracts are also accessible via the client account portal.

Clients have access to a calendar and dashboard in their portal so they can easily see when the next coaching session is and when their to-do's like goals and assignments are due.

The client portal helps keep your coachees motivated and accountable so they can fully appreciate the value of your coaching.


Upload files and manage file sharing from within your CoachVantage platform. Clients and team members access shared files from their account portal. They can also upload and share files with you.

You can also create and save templates for future use. For example, create a session note template with questions that you typically ask during a coaching session or create questionnaire templates for use on scheduling and program registration pages.

If you've ever found yourself stuck in that “uh-oh, my PC crashed and I didn’t back up!” moment, you can heave a sigh of relief knowing that your important docs are saved in the CoachVantage cloud.


There are some apps and software we know you love and just can't live without!

Like Zoom as your communication platform and to host meetings. Or Skype for voice/video calls.

Or PayPal and Stripe as payment processors.

CoachVantage supports integrations to all of these to make your life easier.

We also support 2-way sync with external calendars: Google Cal, iCloud, Outlook, Exchange or Office365.


We know how important it is for you to differentiate yourself with your own branding and create a unique value proposition for your clients.

You can create branded invoices, scheduling pages and program landing pages. Your business name and logo is also displayed on all automated emails. Clients will receive emails that originate from you, not from CoachVantage.

Customize the appearance of your CoachVantage interface and that of your clients' and team members' account portal with your brand name and colors.

CoachVantage empowers you to deliver exceptional results....this is your show!


Coaching organizations can manage a team of coaches and client engagements effectively and efficiently with the CoachVantage Team plan.

Add team members and assign roles such as Admin, Internal Coach (with or without admin rights) and External Coaches (without admin rights). Each role has permissions that can be configured to grant or deny access to various CoachVantage functionalities from within their portal.

Share resources, coaching programs and assign client coaching engagements to all or selected team members.

Scale flexibly and affordably at any time by adding team members as your business grows.


You're on the go...on the way to pick your child from school, on the way to a coaching session, or catching a flight, or just lounging at home...

No matter where you are, as long as you're connected to the internet, you will have access to your client information, your next coaching appointment or your important business documents.

CoachVantage has a beautiful, intuitive interface that's mobile responsive so it looks just as good on your mobile device as it does on your laptop or desktop.

You'll have access to your coaching business no matter where you are with CoachVantage.


Contact us for a one-on-one demo. We'd love to learn more about your coaching business and how CoachVantage can help you succeed.