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Julie Rizzo

Certified Life and Health Coach

"CoachVantage is exactly what I was looking for in a software to manage my coaching business. For my clients, they have a portal to access all the documents for their program, their assignments and goals. Their scheduled sessions are easily available where they can quickly click on the zoom link which is interfaced with CoachVantage. For my coaches, all the templates for sessions are loaded in the resource library as well as all the guides that are given to our clients so everything is in one place. I can invoice directly through the software and receive payment through Stripe. The dashboard shows all the client sessions and provides access to the zoom meeting with one click. Each program I set up can be individually designed and the contract, intake form, and payment are all captured in one place. It has been very easy to learn and the team has been very helpful with any questions I have had. I highly recommend CoachVantage!"

Kim Anthony

Kim Anthony

Urban Excellence Coaching & Consulting

"It was tough keeping track of the coaching hours needed for ICF certification. It seems simple enough to just use a spreadsheet but the issue was diligently recording my coaching hours. Then I discovered CoachVantage. It automatically logs my paid and pro bono coaching time after every session. CoachVantage saved me time and enabled me to get certified quicker!"


Javier Llerena

Leadership Transformation Coach

"One of the best tools that I have invested in my coaching journey. CoachVantage streamlines my onboarding, enrich the coaching journey for my clients and provides the support that my clients need. The best part is that it gave me back time to coach more."

Dr Jennifer Cohea

Dr Jennifer Cohea

Association for Leadership Practitioners

"I am so grateful for CoachVantage! It has literally streamlined the way I manage my business. The ability to keep track of each client by using the system to take notes and track progress has been a lifesaver for me. It's easy to use and I am so thankful there wasn’t a big learning curve when I first started using it. It is a major time saver to know everything you need for any given client is available in one centralized location. Another wonderful advantage is the ability to operate zoom from the system – the consistent streamlining has greatly improved my ability to manage clients most efficiently. I can’t imagine ever using any other system – CoachVantage is truly the heart of maintaining multiple clients in a very streamlined way."

Keith Carlson

Keith Carlson

Board Certified Nurse Coach (NC-BC)

"CoachVantage allows me to keep my coaching schedule in one place, manage client-related documents, easily review previous notes during a coaching call, and maintain an updated contact list for easy reference. I highly recommend it for coaches to stay organized in their business."


Roland Cox

Executive and Leadership Coach, PCC

"CoachVantage really hits the sweet spot for me as a platform as it provides the exact features I need, in one simple, intuitively designed setup.
It’s freed me from a messy inbox and I now have an organised collection of all coaching related documents and coachee information, past and present.
That is, scheduling, coaching resources, all notes and an ICF formatted logbook, with reporting ability for organisational clients.
Also, the support has been generous and responsive and I’m excited to be part of an evolving product offering and community of practice."


Cheryl Davenport

Life, Transition & Empowerment Coach

"I'm passionate about coaching and helping people live their best lives. CoachVantage helps me automate the admin side of my business so I have more time and energy to do the things I love!"


Diane Bogart

ADHD Coach

"Staying organized and focused is paramount for me and my clients. I use CoachVantage to keep everything in one go-place - scheduling, reminders, client notes, documents, invocing, linking to my online video tools, and best of all, a dashboard to help keep me on track! I've been recommending CoachVantage to my coaching peers so they too can benefit from it!"

Erlina Sidik

Erlina Sidik

NLP Somatics Life Coach

"CoachVantage has all the necessary functions I need to stay organized and also look professional! The setup is straightforward and I was able to start using it quickly.  I like that I am able to log my coaching hours, manage scheduling, invoicing and other client matters with ease. As someone who does not like administrative tasks this has been very helpful! In addition, it integrates well with key applications like Zoom, Paypal, Stripe and my Google Calendar which makes it very seamless."

Lisa Swihart

Lisa Swihart

Certified NLP Coach, ICF-ACC

"I have been very pleased with the capacity to store all my client info, create personalized chart notes, and bill my clients directly by creating invoices for clients to pay me with ease. For me the best part of CoachVantage is that it accurately and automatically tracks start and end dates for paid and pro bono clients, so it’s easy to see where I'm at as I work toward different levels of ICF credentialing. New features continue to be released and the team is very responsive to inquiries. I highly recommend CoachVantage!"


Julia Karpeisky

Executive and Life Coaching, PCC

"CoachVantage has been really great in helping me manage my business. Most of my business is based on contracts with government and private sector. I have to keep track of many different requirements concerning invoicing, number of sessions and process for coaching. Since transitioning to CV, I have everything in one place. I have been able to delegate most of the business management to my assistant. In addition, CV has been great at answering my questions and helping me figure out how to best use it to fit my needs!"


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