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Curious about who we are and why we started CoachVantage? Allow me to share my story and mission with you.

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My name is Glen Oliveiro, Founder of CoachVantage. This is my story about why I embarked on a mission to create a solution to help coaches be successful.

It all started in 2016 after I had spoken with a coach, Constance. She shared with me her pain points and challenges as a coach and small business owner.

You see, Constance wears multiple hats. Running a business takes up a lot of her time which means less time with family or actually coaching, which are the things she loves.

Her tasks include marketing, sales, scheduling calls, invoicing, contracting, managing coaching engagements, logging coaching time, and the list goes on!

Like Constance, many coaches use multiple tools such as spreadsheets, Google Drive, Acuity, HelloSign, Inbox (gasp!), etc, to try and run their business. The truth is, it creates more frustration and time-wasting because information is scattered and disorganized.

After speaking with over a hundred coaches, they typically ended up asking me:
“Can you come up with a solution to help me manage my coaching business from one place, is easy to use and lightens my load?”

Well, needless to say, I took on the challenge and that’s why I self-funded and started CoachVantage. Our users, not investors, call the shots and I’d like to keep it that way for the forseeable future.

Our community of loyal coaches are our inspiration. We continuously enhance the platform based on their valuable feedback. Our coaches spend less time on admin/housekeeping. With CoachVantage, they can devote more time to grow their practice, transform clients' lives and fulfil their coaching passion!

I invite you to sign up to CoachVantage and join our community so that you, too, can benefit from this wonderful experience.

If you’d like to reach out and tell me your story or learn if CoachVantage is a good fit for you, or just to say hi, you can email me at glen@coachvantage[dot]com


Our Mission is...

to provide an all-in-one coaching software solution that helps coaches deliver exceptional results for their business and their clients.

We Believe That...

every competent coach can unlock immense possibilities within each and every one of us and propel positive change for humanity.

We Are Inspired By...

your purpose and passion to help your clients find clarity and achieve their goals.


We Commit To…

empower you to deliver exceptional results for your business and clients with simple yet powerful coaching software.

We Care For...

your wellbeing and helping you to run a thriving practice so that you can fulfil your passion for coaching.

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