Coaching in the workplace

coaching in the workplace

Coaching in the workplace is essential for harmonious working relationships, staff development, setting long-term goals and problem-solving.  


Coaching corporate employees to problem solve


Give someone a fish, and they will eat for the day. Teach them how to fish, and they will eat for a lifetime. 

The same holds true for coaching. Often, when a staff member approaches a senior with an issue, the initial reaction is to tell them what they would do to fix it. 

In such instances, the issue is solved for the day, but it will come back in the long term. Coaching can help you turn this situation around. 

coaching at work

Staff relationships


There are a number of areas where coaching can help, and one of the most important is staff relationships.

Many times, staff do not even know that they are rubbing each other up the wrong way. If a senior staff member receives a complaint about someone, they usually end up giving them a dressing down. Solved, for a week, perhaps. 

But what if you coach that person? Present them with feedback from others and get them to think about what has been said. Set them a task to analyse what has been said about them and how they can change.

You will find that this coaching approach is much more effective. 

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Setting and achieving goals with coaching


Anyone who wants to succeed in their career choice must set long-term goals. As a coach, you should help them realise what their goals are and set them on a realistic road to achieving them.

You should set out a timeline to achieve those goals and create milestones that will motivate them and get them there.

Different people have different goals, so you need to be dexterous in your approach. Someone wanting to skill up to move to a higher internal position/role needs to be coached differently from someone shy wanting to learn presentation skills. 

coaching goals in the workplace

The bottom line


Coaching can be very helpful in helping your employees develop, but it also has an incredible impact on your business, especially productivity. 

Coaching must be done properly and with a tailor-made approach. With CoachVantage, you can set up monthly coaching sessions for your staff to make it part of your office culture. 

CoachVantage also gives your staff the facility to book a 1 to 1 session whenever they feel that they need extra support. 

In addition, you can set goals with bite-sized milestones so that your coachees don’t feel overwhelmed. 

They will be able to tackle each area identified for development as a milestone, leading to the completion of the high-level goal. It gives them a sense of accomplishment at every step of the way as they progress to their goal.

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