How coaching portals help you build a better business

Investing in a coaching portal will help you build a professional-looking coaching business right from the start

coaching portals

When starting out in the coaching business, you may be tempted to try and keep costs down by using free tools but investing just that little bit extra on a dedicated coaching portal can help you build a better business right from the start.


Coaching portals and how they help your biz


Coaching is a very personal thing, even in the Covid era of video replacing good old-fashioned face to face sessions. 

If you are sending out emails from generic addresses and using Google calendar or similar to book appointments, it can give the impression of being unprofessional

People looking for a coach want to be inspired and full of confidence, knowing that the person that is going to mentor them is organised and uses professional tools. 

This is why you should invest in proper coaching portal software. 

Not only does it make your business look more professional, but it will also give you the tools to keep yourself organized, record your sessions, offer resources and, most importantly, get paid. You’ll also be well-positioned to grow your operation.  

coaching portals


Branded coaching landing pages 


Coaching portals such as CoachVantage offer you all the tools you need for your business to hit the ground running.

CoachVantage is also an incredibly versatile coaching platform because it lets you integrate all your favourite apps such as Zoom, Skype and the like. 

It gives you branded landing pages for the programs you design, so you do not even need to create a website. A website will give you more authority and visibility online, but you may simply wish to keep your coaching offers separately. 

You can then share the links to these landing pages from your social media platforms as well as your website. 


coach portal


Stop the email trail, coach!


The process to book a coaching session is totally frictionless. The user can simply click on the booking button, pay for their coaching session and not even have to interact with you at that stage.

Manage Your Coaching Practice in One Place

CoachVantage automates your business workflows so you can focus on impactful coaching results.

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This process is so much easier than going through the whole email back and forth that can eat into your, and your client’s day. 

You could also be tempted to look at automated schedulers, but these cost money and any upgrades will likely incur more costs. 

We all talk about one-stop-shop solutions and CoachVantage really is that. You and your clients can also just use the coaching platform tools to reschedule sessions and appointments or book an extra one. 

Say goodbye to comparing calendars and setting yourself reminders. This platform does it all for you.



Getting paid on time 


One of the big struggles in getting a business going is cash flow. These days, you need to send your invoices out automatically, or you run the risk of your cash running dry. 

You can get third-party software to do this for you, but it can be costly and offer too many functions for what you actually need. 

Set up your invoicing through your coaching portal and have everything in one place. You can also send reminders to your clients if they have lapsed on payment. 


portal for payment for coaches


Bottomline on coaching software


As we said at the start of this blog, coaching portals can really help your business get off the ground with minimum fuss and effort.

You will be making an initial outlay to sign up, but if you get just one appointment during your 14-day free trial, you will have already paid for your $29 subscription moving forward.


If you want to get your business off to a flying start, don’t delay and sign up for a 14 day free trial on CoachVantage to enjoy all the features. Register below for the free CoachVantage trial

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