7 Top-Notch ICF Accredited Life Coaching Programs Online

Ready to become an ICF certified life coach? Explore our list of accredited programs and choose the one that meets your goals, budget, and preferences.

7 Top-Notch ICF Accredited Life Coaching Programs Online

Are you looking for an ICF-accredited life coaching program?

We get it!

An ICF life coach certification is a trusted mark of quality. It means you underwent a program that trains you in life coaching core competencies. And… that you're equipped to be a support system and accountability partner for your client.

However, being an ICF-certified life coach also means you'll have to invest time, money, and effort to obtain this quality mark.

In this blog post, we’ve compiled a blend of ICF life coach certifications of the highest quality that you can take from home. We understand that you want a program that meets your expectations, budget, and goals while ensuring industry recognition. 

But first, let’s start with the basics.

Do You Need a Certification To Be a Coach?

You don’t!

Currently, the coaching industry isn’t regulated by federal or state agencies. You don’t need education, a license, or a certification to offer your services as a coach.

As a life coach, you support and guide people to help them improve their life. You aid your clients based on qualifications or life experiences you already have. BUT you’re not a counselor or therapist. So, as long as you don’t offer these services, you’re good to go. 

Still, there’s a globally recognized organization called the International Coach Federation (ICF). The ICF sets professional coaching standards that ensure coaches deliver high-quality services to their clients. 

But, it’s not a requirement to be an ICF-certified life coach to practice your skills.   

BUT is a Life Coach Certification Worth It?


You may not need a life coach certification accredited by the ICF to be a life coach. But an ICF coach credential (ACC, PCC or MCC) can most certainly bring advantages to your coaching career.

Some reasons to pursue an ICF life coach certification are:

  • Gives you credibility: Clients want to know they’re putting themselves in the hands of a professional. Having a certification can make clients trust you more and could easily get you the “yes” you’re looking for in a discovery call.

  • Reinforces communication and emotional intelligence: Coaching involves working with people to discuss goals and identify obstacles. That's why coaching programs teach communication techniques and foster the development of emotional intelligence, so coaches can build a relationship of trust and support with their clients.

  • Continuous professional development: This is how you keep yourself relevant. When you commit to ongoing growth by taking on new programs, you give yourself the chance to enhance existing skills or develop new ones. 

Often, people who are exploring becoming a coach get a life coach certification that’s accredited by the ICF because it teaches them coaching models or core coaching skills. So, whatever the reason is for you to pursue a program… it is worth it.

Even if you don’t feel that an ICF credential would mean anything to your clients, the training and development from a credible life coaching program is certainly relevant to impart the coaching skills you need.

With that said, let’s dive into the highest quality ICF-certified programs for life coaches.

#1. The Mindvalley Life Coaching Certification Program

MindValley is an online education platform that offers a wide range of personal growth courses. It collaborates with experts, authors, and thought leaders to deliver content of the highest quality.  

Having 5 million members around the globe, MindValley is taking the next step by training next-generation life coaches. 

Their Life Coaching Certification program equips life coaches with the knowledge, strategies, and support they need to transform people’s lives. It also gives coaches the tools and guidance necessary to set up and grow their life coaching business.

Why we recommend it:

> Direct coaching by Mindvalley Founder & CEO Vishen Lakhiani and Evercoach CEO Ajit Nawalkha

> Weekly coaching pods with an empowering coaching community

> Most competitive pricing in the industry

> Program structure is based on Mindvalley's 20 years in learning design

> Inclusion & presentation in Mindvalley's Coaching Directory

> Learn proven strategies, skills, methodologies, mindsets, and more from coaching leaders. Then practice your acquired knowledge with fellow coaches on interactive labs, LIVE classroom sessions, and LIVE Q&As.  

> Get training in both coaching and business skills to better your own competencies and learn how to run a business from finding your niche, to creating your coaching packages and mindset.

> Obtain bonuses such as workshops, coaching demonstrations, invitations to private events, business training, and more.

> Access MindValley’s coaching platform where you can be part of a five million-member community and match with potential clients

Duration: Four months (or self-paced)

Cost: $2,799

Who is this for: New and experienced life coaches who want to learn or enhance coaching and business skills at their own pace with all the resources and support they need along the way.

Where to enroll: Mindvalley Life Coaching Certification program.

#2. Coach Training Alliance: Certified Coach Program

The Coach Training Alliance is an organization that provides coach training programs and certifications. Their Certified Coach Program offers foundational coach training to develop your coaching abilities by preparing you for real-world coaching with practical experience. 

Why we recommend it:

> Gain a mix of coaching, marketing, and business skills from activities like group mentoring, self-study, observation & critique, and coach the coach (coach and be coached)

> Get access to interactive software downloaded onto  your computer to enhance your learning experience

> List your coach profile in Coach Training Alliance’s life coach directory website to start promoting your business

> Learn methodologies like the LearnMore System™, Four Pillars of Wisdom™, and Circle of Learning™

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Duration: Six months

Cost: $3,897

Who is this for: Aspiring or newcomer coaches who have  time to attend sessions and be active participants in group mentoring sessions.

#3. Certified Life Coach Institute: Life Coach Certification

The Certified Life Coach Institute is an organization that trains coaches in any niche and profession. Their Certified Life Coach program teaches the fundamentals of being a coach, along with introducing tools and techniques that can help you set up your business.  

Why we recommend it:

> Learn conversational intelligence, cognitive coaching, open-ended questions, ways to improve your client's life, and more.

> Get the tools you need to develop SMART goals, contracts, packages, and your business plan.

> Understand how to brand yourself with a marketing plan that includes building a website, SEO, having an elevator pitch, and how to sell yourself.

Duration: Three days

Cost: $995

Who is this for: Aspiring life coaches that want to learn the essential skills to be a coach, start their business, and get a certificate quickly. 

#4. Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching: Life Coach Certification

The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) is an organization that offers coach training programs for essential coaching topics or niche options (life, executive, health & wellness, and sports & performance). Their Life Coach certification is designed to help you support your clients in creating their own formula of success. 

Why we recommend it:

> Earn up to three certifications in one: Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Energy Leadership™ Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP), and COR.E Dynamics™ Specialist (niche specific).  

> Attend three-day LIVE seminars (virtual or in-person) and on-demand webinars or niche-specific training.

> Get access to iPEC’s resource library where you can find tools, templates, materials, assignments, and exercises.

Duration: Nine months

Cost: $13,395

Who is this for: New coaches that have the time and money to apply for a robust program. 

#5. Coach U: Core Essentials Program

Coach U was founded in 1992 and is considered one of the first coach training schools. Their Core Essentials Program offers you the essential knowledge of core coaching competencies along with skills you can incorporate into other positions or professions. 

Why we recommend it:

> Get courses on proprietary coach models, packages, how to position your coaching business, how to be a better coach, and more.

> Learn virtually and choose from two programs, the Core Essentials (78 hours of coaching education) and the Accelerated Core Essentials (six intense days of immersive coaching education).

> Gain insights from coach mentoring sessions and assessments.

Duration: Six to eight months (or self-paced)

Cost: $6,095 ($5,695 if purchased 45 before the program starts)

Who is this for: Aspiring coaches or professionals who want to implement the skills acquired in their day-to-day jobs.  

#6. iNLP Center: Life Coach Certification

The iNLP was the first training center providing neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) online. They offer NLP training, coach training, and other programs that include hypnosis and mindfulness. Their Life Coach Certification program uses NLP practices with the general coaching model.

Why we recommend it:

> Train in a combination of neuro-linguistic techniques, ICF competencies, and inner dynamic parts work to deepen your coaching knowledge.

> Earn your certificate with online coursework, offline activities, LIVE training sessions, and coaching with peers for an effective learning environment.

> Get lifetime access to LIVE sessions and materials.

Duration: Self-paced (170 hours of training)

Cost: $3,400 (or $440/month for eight months)

Who is this for: New or experienced coaches who want to implement NLP techniques as part of their coaching services.

#7. Coach Training EDU: Essential Coaching Program

Coaching Training EDU is an institution that provides life coaching courses built around the principles of positive psychology, coaching skills, communication techniques, and goal-setting strategies. Their Essential Life Coach Program is designed to teach you the core coaching skills you need to develop your practice in any niche. 

Why we recommend it:

> Learn the foundational coaching skills you need to coach in any topic or niche you choose.

> Attend classes in which you’ll learn how to use a tool or skill from your trainer to then practice with a classmate.

> Develop unique coaching exercises for your clients.

> Get business-building materials as a bonus.

Duration: Two months

Cost: $1,612

Who is this for: Aspiring or new coaches who haven’t decided on a niche yet but want to learn the fundamentals of coaching.

Find the Life Coach Program for You

As a final verdict, our recommendation for a life coach certification accredited by the ICF is the Mindvalley Life Coaching Certification program. Besides offering core competencies for a life coach, it also offers essential business skills required for every coach.

The Mindvalley Life Coaching Certification program also offers multiple bonuses like access to MindValley’s coaching platform, coaching mastermind sessions (even after completing the program), and the chance to be a MindValley’s featured coach. Also, this program is the smartest move when it comes to the cost-to-benefit ratio if you compare it to other expensive programs. 

Overall, the Mindvalley Life Coaching Certification program emerges as the undisputed champion among ICF-accredited programs. With its comprehensive core competencies, essential business skills, and enticing bonuses, it offers unparalleled value. 

Choose the smartest move for your coaching career and unlock your full potential with the Mindvalley Life Coaching Certification program.

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