3 Online Coaching Tools you can't live without

Discover three essential online coaching tools that elevate your game in the digital space. These favorites are indispensable for success.

3 Online Coaching Tools

There are plenty of apps out there that can help you successfully develop your coaching business, and here are the three online coaching tools you cannot live without.




1. Zoom - The ultimate video online coaching tool


Coaching sessions are increasingly being held online, so it makes sense to have the right video meeting tool to turn a bricks-and-mortar venture into a fully-fledged online coaching business.

Zoom has really taken off in Covid times and the ease of use and depth of functionality has made it a firm favourite for video calls with online coaches. 

This online coaching tool allows you to host zoom meetings with video and audio feeds. When clients join in the zoom rooms for meetings, they can also add virtual backgrounds, which is a neat feature.

Zoom calls are known for their clarity and stability and also allow screen sharing to make your life as an online coach easier. 

When coaching clients in groups, you can also set up breakout rooms where separate issues may be discussed.

You can also set up waiting rooms for people before they join a meeting. The Zoom app also lets you hold sessions on the move, giving you even more freedom.




2. Google Drive - Organise your coaching resources


The number one rule to storing any data is to keep a backup of everything. While CoachVantage is an excellent platform to keep all the data you need in one place while actually coaching, Google Drive is the granddaddy of them all when it comes to recovery and sharing. 

Google Drive allows you to keep a cloud backup of all your coaching materials. Notes, audio and video recordings, screen recordings, presentations, power points, photos... You name it, it can go into Google Drive as files and folders.

The platform intuitively organises things for you, using in-built data to handily sort things out by place, time, category and more.

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Google Drive also allows you to share things with your clients.



3. CoachVantage - The all in one online coaching tool


CoachVantage is the ultimate one-stop-shop online coaching tool. 

It provides coaches with a branded landing page where they can advertise the coaching programs they have on offer. 

Clients can easily book in and pay for their session with one click. 

They can also schedule and reschedule sessions at will.

CoachVantage can be launched through most modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc, on any device as long as you have an internet connection, giving you greater flexibility and freedom.


It integrates seamlessly with Zoom and Skype, allowing you to choose which platform you want to use, depending on your clients.  

You can send one-off or recurring invoices to clients easily. The platform also contains a document repository where you can store and share audio and video files, presentations, notes and any other type of document with your clients. 

If you have your files and documents stored on other cloud storage providers like Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, etc, you will be able to easily select files from those sources using the CoachVantage document upload widget in the platform. 

If you use CoachVantage to manage your coaching business, it would make sense to have those documents available on the platform for easy access instead of having to toggle between different tools.

A handy feature in CoachVantage is its ability to automatically log your coaching session times, making it easier for you to gain accreditation. It takes away the hassle of having to manually record your coaching time after you’ve completed your sessions.

CoachVantage offers a 14-day free trial below, so go ahead click below to try it out for yourself.


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