Best Ways to Start an Online Coaching Business from Scratch

Building an online coaching business is not rocket science. Learn expert strategies to start and grow your own from scratch. Learn more here!

Best Ways to Start an Online Coaching Business from Scratch

Best Ways to Start an Online Coaching Business from Scratch

Embarking on an online coaching journey? You're not alone. 

Over the years, I've mingled with some of the brightest stars in the online coaching realm, and a common thread among many is their humble beginning, starting from scratch just like you. The digital age has not only amplified our thirst for personal and professional evolution but has also spotlighted online coaching as a beacon of opportunity. 

As of 2020, this burgeoning industry was valued at a staggering $2 billion, with forecasts suggesting a leap to $4.5 billion by 2028. Couple this with the fact that coaching has seen a 57% growth spurt as of 2023, positioning itself as the second fastest-growing industry globally, and you've got a recipe for success. 

As we delve into this article, we'll explore the strategies and tools that have propelled countless coaches to online coaching success, offering you a roadmap to carve your niche in this lucrative domain.

Here are the best tips for building an online coaching business 

Finding Your Niche

One of the first pieces of advice I always get from successful coaches is the importance of honing in on a specific market. It's all about understanding who you truly want to serve and making a difference in their lives. 

Doing a bit of research to identify those in-demand skills? It's a game-changer. It not only helps in starting an online coaching business but also ensures you're always in tune with what your audience craves.

Designing Your Coaching Program

Ah, this is where the magic happens! When you're building an online coaching business, it's essential to tailor your program to address the common challenges your clients face. And hey, don't just stop there. 

Make it as engaging, interactive, and transformational as possible. I've seen first hand how a well-crafted program can create those 'aha!' moments for clients. If you're wondering how to create an online coaching program that truly stands out, focus on the transformation you want to bring about in your clients' lives.

Pricing Your Services

One of the most common questions I get is about pricing. It's crucial to strike a balance between value and affordability. You want to ensure you're compensated fairly for your expertise while also offering something accessible to your clients. 

I always recommend researching what competitors are charging. But remember, understanding your worth is paramount. Don't undersell yourself! After all, starting an online coaching business means recognizing the value you bring to the table.

Setting Up Your Website

Customer testimonials on CoachVantage’s homepage

Customer testimonials on CoachVantage’s homepage.

Your website is your online home, and first impressions matter! It's essential to have a professional, user-friendly site that reflects your brand and expertise. Here are some of the must-haves for a good website:

  • Mobile-friendly

  • Accessible to people who are differently-abled

  • SEO-optimized (both service pages and blog posts should be optimized for optimal traffic growth!)

  • Eye-catching design

  • Testimonials

  • Social proof

I've seen many coaches thrive by choosing the right platform that aligns with their needs, so do your research and pick what's best for you. 

Marketing Your Coaching Business

Social media is a goldmine for coaches, offering more than just a space for selfies. By establishing a presence on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, you lay the foundation for your online coaching business. 

But it's not just about posting; it's about engagement and building a community. Respond to comments, join groups, and share valuable content to foster trust. 

To further market your coaching business, embrace SEO for organic reach through blog posts and website optimization. For a broader audience, consider paid promotions like Facebook Ads or Google Ads. 

A pro tip: offering free trials or discovery sessions can be a game-changer, giving potential clients a glimpse of the transformation you offer.

Attracting and Retaining Coaching Clients

Now, let's talk about attracting those coaching clients. Blogging is a fantastic way to showcase your expertise and build authority in your niche. But don't stop there. Dive into the world of SEO to ensure potential clients can find you when searching for coaching services. 

And always remember, starting an online coaching business is as much about retaining clients as it is about attracting new ones. By consistently delivering value and building a strong online presence, you'll be well on your way to success.

Manage Your Coaching Practice in One Place

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Tapping into Your Network

Starting an online coaching business is an exciting journey, and one of the most potent assets you have is your existing network. I've often heard from numerous successful coaches about the unparalleled power of personal recommendations. 

When you consistently deliver exceptional value, your initial clients become not just customers, but passionate advocates. Their word-of-mouth endorsements can often outshine traditional advertisements. 

Furthermore, forging collaborations and partnerships within your industry can be a strategic move. Activities like co-hosting webinars, conducting joint workshops, or even crafting combined coaching programs not only broaden your audience reach but also infuse fresh insights and perspectives into your coaching content.

This makes it even more attractive to potential clients.

Use a Coaching Software to Manage All Aspects Of Your Business

Let me share a little secret that's been a game-changer for many successful coaches I know. Managing a coaching business involves juggling various tasks, from marketing and finance to operations and customer service. And let's not forget about contract management. 

CoachVantage pricing table

With CoachVantage, users enjoy unrestricted access to essential coaching software features, irrespective of their chosen pricing tier.

It can be overwhelming, especially as a solopreneur. That's where coaching software comes in. By subscribing to an all-in-one coaching management solution, you can streamline these tasks and focus on what you’re best at – coaching. 

CoachVantage is an affordable, comprehensive coaching software that's perfect for those starting an online coaching business. Here is a quick overview of some of its key features:

1) Session By Session Program

CoachVantage program structure creation feature.

With CoachVantage, you’ll be able to perform a multitude of tasks on a single platform. With its ‘Session By Session’ feature, coaches can create a program structure, and also a landing page to sell it. 

Users can fill in details like the landing page URL, dictate session details like session duration, and decide if they want their sessions to come in a package. Additionally, coaches can also upload program-related files, customise sign-up forms, and even embed a contract in the sign-up page for potential clients to sign off with e-signatures.

2) Automated Scheduling

CoachVantage automated scheduling feature

CoachVantage also has an automated scheduling feature that can be synced with external calendars like Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar. This can help you check for existing appointments to avoid double bookings.

Once a booking has been confirmed, a time slot will automatically be blocked out on your synced calendar. You can even set up buffer times before and after a session to give you sufficient time to prep for each session. 

3) Client Portal - Manage customer relationships, goals, and more

CoachVantage’s client portal

CoachVantage’s client portal allows coaches to support their clients in managing their progress. This portal allows clients to access their assignments and goals and in doing so, empowers them to be proactive in their growth.

Clients also have easy access to their coaches through the scheduling feature and coach’s contact details via the ‘My Coach’ tab. This makes communication between a coach and their client very accessible and helps make client relationship management very easy.

4) Create and Send Invoices

CoachVantatge automated scheduling feature

CoachVantage allows coaches to create and send personalised and branded invoices to their clients. The feature also automatically calculates the final amount the clients owe based on the taxable amount the coach keys into the tool.

There is also an overall payments tracking dashboard where coaches can mark an invoice as ‘settled’ once payment has been made. This provides a very clear overview of the amount of money that has yet to be paid to the coach.

Do you have a better idea of how to start an online coaching business?

Diving into the world of starting an online coaching business might feel overwhelming, but armed with the right strategies, it's a dream within reach. Throughout my interactions with thriving online coaches, a consistent narrative emerges: the blend of passion, persistence, and a strategic approach is the secret sauce. 

As you ponder on the steps to start your online coaching business, never lose sight of the unique value you're set to offer. The digital realm has unlocked vast opportunities. 

Leveraging platforms like CoachVantage and tapping into your network can be pivotal in building your online coaching business. Whether you're building an online coaching program or looking to expand your reach, having the right tools can make all the difference. 

As you embark on this journey, remember you're not alone. You're stepping into a vibrant community of coaches, all dedicated to uplifting and empowering. Cheers to the success awaiting you and the countless lives you'll positively influence!


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