The 3 commandments of remote coaching

Relationships, Systems and Trust

The 3 commandments of remote coaching

The success of remote coaching, no different from offline coaching, hinges on the trust your clients grant you. A strong relationship means they will show you respect, pay you on time and refrain from making unreasonable requests.


This is why there are 3 remote coaching commandments you should never break in order to be trusted and respected:


  1. Never be late to your remote coaching sessions

Punctuality is a sign of respect and efficiency. If you show respect by showing up on time (even for free discovery calls) then you will inspire the same behaviour from your clients. They will also see how well organised you are and respect you more for it.  

  1. Show up consistently on social media 

No matter which social media platform you pick to engage with your prospects and customers, you need to show up consistently. Consistency breeds trust and that is what will draw people to you online. If you want a successful remote coaching business, you need to show up and be visible.  

  1. Get your systems sorted

Whenever we buy something online or offline we may find ourselves naturally experiencing buyers’ remorse - it’s not your product nor your business that causes this, it’s a natural phenomenon. It may cause people to get cold feet and cancel your services. 

This is why you need to make sure that your onboarding system is smooth and clear to your customers. 


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Make them feel like they’re in good hands. Like you’re in control and know exactly how to guide them. Make sure they enjoy the onboarding experience and make them feel they are entering your ‘virtual space’. 


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They want to be assured that they have made the right decision to work with you and will get what they are seeking through your coaching. If you want to create a great experience for your remote coaching clients and make sure you deliver an exceptional client experience, then CoachVantage is the right online coaching platform for you.


It allows you to create a smooth client onboarding system, integrates with your calendar and much more.

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