CoachVantage vs. Coaching Loft: An In-Depth Comparison of Leading Coaching Software Solutions

Still unsure about choosing CoachVantage or Coaching Loft? Click here and learn everything about their features, usability, pricing, and customer support.

CoachVantage vs Coachingloft

Can’t decide between CoachVantage and Coaching Loft?

If you’re tired of bouncing from one website to another to compare coaching platform features and functionalities, you can stop now!

In this blog post, you’ll learn the unique functionalities that each software has to offer. By the end of this article, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of the features, customer support, usability, and pricing of each software.

Overview: CoachVantage and Coaching Loft

Let’s start with a brief summary of each software.

CoachVantage is an all-in-one coaching software that was custom-built from the feedback of hundreds of coaches. This tool continuously makes changes or updates according to its user’s needs. CoachVantage eliminates manual tasks like scheduling calls, invoicing, and contracting so that you can run your coaching business without the administrative hassle of back-and-forth emails. Everything is automated so you can focus on the important things that require your time.

Coaching Loft is an online coaching management system developed for coaches or organizations that want to foster a coaching culture. This tool serves coaches, coaching firms, and large organizations. In an effort to support sustainability, Coaching Loft, an organization that’s based in Dubai in the Middle East, plants a tree every time you renew your paid subscription.   

CoachVantage vs Coaching Loft: Features

Here are the main features of each software.


CoachVantage helps you save time on manual tasks with the following features:

  • Coaching programs: Create and publish your coaching programs online. CoachVantage automatically generates a landing page for your coaching programs. You can also embed your programs on your website and add a workflow for clients to sign-up, pay, and fill out your contract for your coaching programs. The whole enrolment and onboarding process is seamless, quick, and a delightful experience for clients.

  • Online scheduling: Take control of your schedule and set your availability so clients can only book online based on your available time slots. Sync with external calendars like Google, Apple iCloud, Office 365, and Microsoft Outlook. CoachVantage does the time zone conversion for you. You can set reminders, cancellation policies, buffer times, or schedule sessions for your clients if you want that option, too

  • Contract E-signatures: Protect your coaching business by creating customizable contracts with e-signatures and save the templates you frequently use. You can send contracts to your clients through email, the client portal, or embed the contract in your coaching program landing page. CoachVantage offers lots of flexibility to manage different work processes and working styles.

  • Invoices: Send one-off or recurring invoices and set invoice reminders so you can get paid on time. With CoachVantage, you can integrate both your PayPal and Stripe accounts. You can also set different currencies and check your revenue on your account dashboard.

  • Client portal: Empower your clients to take control of their coaching journey. In the client portal, your coachees can track their progress while having access to notes, goals, forms, assignments, and resources. Also, coachees can schedule sessions, pay program fees, and e-sign contracts, all in one place.

Coaching Loft

Coaching Loft increases your productivity with the following features:

  • Coaching packages: List products (like e-books, videos, spreadsheets, etc.) or services (coaching sessions) and bundle them to create a package. You can share your packages on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

  • Appointments calendar: Schedule your appointments or let your clients manage their sessions. Coaching Loft integrates with calendars like Google, Apple iCloud, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, and Outlook.  

  • Agreements: Create coaching agreements where you can schedule your invoices and set up your terms and conditions.

  • Invoicing: Create and send invoices on their scheduled date. Coaching Loft integrates with your Quickbooks account through Zapier. Meaning all the invoices you create end up on your Quickbooks account.

  • Coaching dashboard: Access the key features of the system. From the coaching dashboard, you can see your account statistics (unpaid invoices, completed sessions, client list, etc.) and access your session notepad. In the session notepad, you can see the results of your client’s past assessments, notes, questions, and track their progress.

  • Actions: Set multiple actions or specific tasks for your clients to complete a milestone. You can check their progress and give them a little nudge using comments placed under specific actions. 

When evaluating the features of CoachVantage and Coaching Loft, it becomes evident that both software options offer effective support for operating your coaching business. But, it’s worth considering that one of them may have functionalities that align better with your specific needs and preferences.

For example, CoachVantage includes a contract e-signature feature that generates audit trails when contracts are signed. This powerful combination ensures the authenticity of documents throughout the coaching process. Audit trails provide a record of the signing process, including timestamps, IP addresses, and other information. This traceable trail adds an extra layer of protection against disputes, fraud, and legal issues. With CoachVantage, you can trust that your contracts are securely signed and backed by solid evidence.  

Another benefit of using CoachVantage is that it directly integrates with Stripe or PayPal to ease the payment of your invoices. Coaching Loft only integrates with PayPal and gives you the option to integrate into your Quickbook account. This means you’ll have to pay for another software subscription.

Coaching Loft allows coaches to share their profiles on their website marketplace “Coach Finder”. There, they can list their programs, rates, and experience for individuals who are looking for coaches. Also, Coaching Loft offers a library of over 500 coaching questions that you can use during your coaching sessions. 

CoachVantage vs Coaching Loft: Pricing

Here’s a rundown of the price structure of each software


CoachVantage offers a 14-day free trial and has two paid plans: 

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  • Clarity plan: $29/month if you make monthly payments and $26/month for yearly payments. This plan is for coaches who are just starting out. You can create up to two coaching programs and send two e-contracts a month per client. 

  • Aha! Plan: $49/month if you make monthly payments and $44/month for yearly payments. This plan is for more seasoned coaches with multiple clients and fields of expertise. You can send up to five e-contracts a month per client and can create unlimited coaching programs.

CoachVantage doesn’t have hidden fees, so you won’t have to pay a commission per sale like in other tools. You are only charged the fees of your payment provider (Stripe or PayPal). Furthermore, there are no limits to how many contacts you can add or how many coaching engagements you can have in both plans.

Coaching Loft 

Coaching Loft offers a 14-day free trial and has four paid plans:

  • Basic plan: This plan is billed yearly at $12/year. The Basic plan allows you to have up to two clients and doesn’t offer many features. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to take a peek or is considering becoming a coach. 

  • Core plan: $25/month or $250/year. In the Core plan, you can take up to ten clients and enjoy other features like the coaching packages, an enhanced coaching profile, and a rating. This plan is great for newbie coaches who have few clients.

  • Premium plan: $55/month or $550/year. The Premium plan allows you to have up to 30 clients. Besides having the features of the Core plan you can use the virtual meeting room. This plan works for experienced coaches with multiple clients.

  • Master plan: $95/month or $950/year. With the Master plan, you can have unlimited clients and enjoy the features of other plans plus a white labeling functionality for your coaching programs. The Master plan is a great option for industry experts with knowledge in multiple fields. 

Coaching Loft doesn’t have additional charges aside from the fees you may incur when integrating Quickbooks for invoicing.

CoachVantage vs Coaching Loft: Customer Support

Here’s the kind of customer support you can expect from each software.


CoachVantage is on top of its customer support by offering assistance through channels like its knowledge base, blog, demo videos, contact forms, and live chats. You’ll typically get replies to live chats within 12 hours Monday through Sunday.

According to multiple Capterra reviews, the customer support at CoachVantage is exceptional as they actively give you a solution to your inquiries. The customer support team at CoachVantage is willing to learn and take feedback from you to keep improving the software.  

Coaching Loft

Coaching Loft offers support with their knowledge base, blog content, contact form, and bot chat. Once you enter a specific query about what you need on the bot chat, it will either answer you or redirect you to a professional.

CoachVantage vs Coaching Loft: Usability

Let’s compare the usability of each platform.


Once you sign up with CoachVantage and start exploring its features you’ll get a brief tour guided by knowledge panels. These knowledge panels will teach you how to use each feature and the functionalities that, as a coach, you should employ to manage your business.

CoachVantage’s dashboard is intuitive and user-friendly as you don’t have to click around too much to perform the tasks you want. Also, the interface is clean and even though it has many features it doesn’t look cluttered. 

CoachVantage requires minimal effort for you to start using it. But if you still have issues setting up your coaching business, you can request a one-on-one Zoom workshop with a customer support member. This is great if you wish to get started quickly, without reading help articles or watching the help videos.

Coaching Loft

When you start using Coaching Loft, you’re required to fill out your profile first in order to explore the other features. Once that’s set up, you’ll have a checklist on your dashboard to help you enhance your Coaching Loft experience.

Overall, the interface of the dashboard is clean and the insights are easy to understand at a glance. However, there are many features and options to click on in the main menu (or left panel). This can cause a little friction in the learning curve and make some clients anxious with so many options.

Which One Is Better, Coachvantage or Coaching Loft?

The optimal choice between CoachVantage and Coaching Loft relies on your needs. But also, at the extent to which specific functionalities offer you a competitive edge or have less importance according to your requirements. 

CoachVantage was built with life coaches or small business owners in mind. This software was developed by paying attention to the small inconveniences that coaches experience in their day-to-day activities. As a result, the features are similar to other coaching software but with nice touches that make a big difference.

For example, the e-signature feature offers a significant advantage. It eliminates the need for manual work and physical paperwork while complying with legal standards and regulations. Also, let's not forget that CoachVantage offers a robust online scheduling feature with multiple integrations and flexibility for your availability times.

In contrast, Coaching Loft is a software that has the basic functionalities of coaching software but it’s more tailored to serve a wider audience. This audience isn’t just coaches but coaching firms and large organizations which makes it a good tool for coaches who don’t need advanced features.

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