CoachVantage or Satori? A Comprehensive Comparison of Coaching Software

CoachVantage or Satori? In this article you’ll learn the main features of each software and key selling points so you can make an informed decision

CoachVantage VS Satori

Whether you’re a seasoned coach or just starting your coaching business, you’ll need the right tools to unlock your potential. After all, sending out invoices, following up on emails, and keeping track of remaining sessions with clients shouldn’t take most of your time.

In this comprehensive post, we’ll compare two coaching software, CoachVantage and Satori. By exploring their key features, usability, customer support, and pricing, we’ll aim to provide you with a detailed analysis that empowers you to make an informed decision.

Overview: CoachVantage and Satori

Let’s start with a brief introduction about the coaching software we’ll be comparing.

CoachVantage is an all-in-one management software that’s custom-built for coaches. This tool takes away all the administrative aspects of your practice and provides features that not only help you manage your day-to-day activities, but also grow your coaching business.

Satori is a coaching app that helps you deliver coaching programs and manage your coaching practice. This tool aims to save you time from manual work so you can concentrate on your coaching business’ success.

CoachVantage vs Satori: Features

Not all software is created equally.

That’s why in this section we’ll describe the specific features of each software so you can understand which one fits your needs better.


CoachVantage simplifies your day-to-day operations with a range of features to streamline administrative tasks and workflows. It also helps you to deliver a professional coaching experience that your clients will benefit from. These are CoachVantage’s main features:

  • Coaching programs: Create and publish your coaching programs online and start selling. You can embed your coaching programs on your website and add a workflow to sign-up, pay, and e-sign your contract to automate the onboarding process. The landing pages are customizable so you have the flexibility to decide what you’d like to incorporate including intake forms, e-contracts, payment, scheduling, and so on.  

  • Robust scheduling: Create multiple availability types (working hours, duration of availability, vacations, etc) to use for different purposes, as required. You can set appointment reminders and buffer times between sessions too. CoachVantage integrates with Google, Apple, and Outlook calendars while doing time zone conversion to minimize no-shows.

  • Contract E-signatures: Drag and drop fields to customize your contract template and save the ones you use more frequently. Once your contract is ready you can send it to clients by email, or embed the contract in your program landing page. An “audit trail” report is created whenever a contract is e-signed, which fulfills the legal requirements of e-signatures. 

  • Invoices: Create and send invoices to your clients or collect payments on your coaching program sign-up page. You can create non-recurring or recurring invoices and see the status (sent or paid) of each easily on the Invoices table. Not only that, but you can view your earnings as a chart on your dashboard.  

  • Client portal: Invite clients to start their coaching program in the client portal. This feature allows clients to track their progress with milestones. Plus, clients can schedule sessions, pay invoices, and sign contracts in one place.


Satori enhances the coaching experience by providing a centralized hub where coaches and clients can collaborate and achieve goals. Here are Satori's main features:

  • Signature packages: Customize coaching packages with agreements, forms, check-ins, and progress tracking. These packages can include classes or coaching groups.

  • Client enrollment: Get a link from where your client can schedule sessions, buy your coaching packages, make payments, and sign agreements. You can easily send out follow-up emails to remind your clients to schedule sessions or fill out forms.

  • Coaching engagements: Manage engagements with your clients using coaching check-ins, the notification log, and session notes. Also, encourage your clients to use the client-facing dashboard to schedule sessions, review agreements, and access billing history.  

  • Automated billings: Offer subscription payments, customized billing cycles, payment plans, and discounts. You can schedule invoices and get metrics of your financial accounts.   

  • Session scheduling: Integrate Satori with Google, Apple, and Outlook calendars to check your sessions on the go. Satori does the timezone conversion for you. And you can set your availability for multiple activities.   

If we do a little rundown on the features, you can see that both CoachVantage and Satori contain the core functionalities needed to help you manage your coaching business. However, there are certain features that could make you lean towards one of them, depending on your specific needs.

CoachVantage has a rich and user-friendly client portal that improves communication with clients and empowers them to take accountability in the coaching journey with you. After all, having a place where you can access notes, resources, assignments, and goals while you see your progress can do wonders for consistency. 

Another plus of using CoachVantage is being able to create landing pages for your coaching programs. This feature comes in handy when you’re a coach who doesn’t have a website yet. If you already have a website, CoachVantage allows you to embed your program landing page on your website. It facilitates the client enrolment and onboarding process, making everything work seamlessly in an automated way.

Satori has a private client login area in which clients can self-manage their coaching journey, review agreements, and check their billing history. Also, you can send questionnaires to your clients and once completed they can see their responses by accessing the Conversations thread for that Session. 

The Satori app also enables reviews after your clients complete one of your coaching programs. Satori sends your clients an invitation to give a review which is posted on your Client Reviews page. You can share your Client Reviews page on social media or your website which gives you more credibility.

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CoachVantage vs Satori: Pricing

Here’s how the pricing structure works for each software.


CoachVantage offers a 14-day free trial and has two paid plans: 

  • Clarity plan: $29/month if you make monthly payments and $26/month for yearly payments. In the Clarity plan, you can create up to two coaching programs and send two e-contracts a month per client. This is optimal for coaches who are just starting to grow their business and are offering limited coaching programs.

  • Aha! Plan: $49/month if you make monthly payments and $44/month for yearly payments. The Aha! Plan doesn’t have limitations to the number of coaching program landing pages you want to create. This plan is perfect for more seasoned coaches that offer multiple coaching programs. With the Aha! Plan, you can send up to five e-contracts a month per client.

CoachVantage doesn’t have additional fees on top of the plan you choose. You’ll only be charged fees by your payment provider (Stripe or PayPal).


Satori offers a 30-day free trial and has three paid plans: