CoachVantage: Easy Client Management Software for Coaches

CoachVantage is a client management software that is easy to use, with all the features designed to support your business as you grow.

CoachVantage: Easy client management software for coaches

When running a coaching business, you need to create and maintain your client relationships, yet still deal with all the multiple business roles you are juggling. Having an easy one-stop client management software platform to manage all your business needs will help you keep all those balls in the air with ease and grace.

It’s all well and good going for a super complex solution with all the bells and whistles, but have you got time for the added learning curve? And, honestly, will the shiny extras actually move the needle on your business? Probably not.

At CoachVantage, we built the platform to manage the one thing that really matters – client management. We saw what was missing in other coach management software, so we simply decided to put matters right by building the kind of platform our coaches truly want to use. We’re all about keeping things simple because we respect your time and sanity as a business owner, and because simple always wins out in the end. 

So let’s jump into how CoachVantage – a popular coaching management system  – makes client management super easy to support your business as you grow. We also take you through all the features you need to get extraordinary results for your clients and your business, and none of the ones you don’t.




Need to access your client contacts ASAP for an urgent matter and find yourself scrambling to find the information you want across an Excel sheet or Google Drive?

With CoachVantage contact management, you can simply search for prospects or past/current clients by name or by a tag that you have assigned to them. Have an existing database of clients in another software? You can simply import them from your local drive! 



Email isn’t dead. But it is not that convenient either when you need to manage important communications with valuable clients, especially around scheduling sessions. 

So, say ‘no’ to endless, numerous back-and-forth email correspondence between you and your clients. Don’t risk missing a meeting or session anymore because an email got missed. It doesn’t make you or your client look good, and if it becomes a recurring issue, it could even lose you your client. No one wants a life coach who can’t get it together!

That’s why we can confidently say our scheduling system is one of the best in the business for better coaching client management. Not only does it allow you to add new appointments, you can also 2-way sync your external calendar, create events, set up your availability rules, insert your own personalised event image, and even include an intake form. We’ve listened. 

Our Scheduling tool is also unique in that it auto-logs the time for your coaching sessions into your coaching log – thus making the tool really customized for coaching needs.

Furthermore, you can integrate Zoom calls from within the account itself.

An additional function within the Scheduling tool, is that client inputs will be automatically saved on their profile page, after they have successfully signed up. CoachVantage is currently the only coaching software that has this function.

There’s also a “Help Section” which allows you to display your contact information at the footer of your program sign-up page, so that clients can contact you should they need help.



CoachVantage understands that creating value for your clients is vital. Your coaching programs are more than just ‘revenue streams’ or ‘misconstrued masterclasses’. The information that you give out to your current or prospective clients plays a very important part in your next coaching move.  

Manage Your Coaching Practice in One Place

CoachVantage automates your business workflows so you can focus on impactful coaching results.

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Once you’ve created a coaching program, you have the option of uploading your videos and choosing to display some as teasers for prospective clients to try out. This can increase your conversion rate. You can also customise your own landing page URL.

And the good news is, unlike other coaching platforms, we don’t levy commissions on your sales. It is your hard work, so you deserve all of it. 



Do you currently have a host of coaching and training material spread across different platforms such as your local files, Facebook, Google Drive, Dropbox, Instagram, Evernote, Flickr, and OneDrive? (And you often can’t remember where you stored what?) CoachVantage’s resource library allows you to upload and manage files from various platforms so you can have them stored and easily accessible all in one place.  This makes CoachVantage an in-demand client management software for coaches to truly benefit from!

You can also create and save templates for future use. For example, you can create a session note template with questions that you typically ask during a coaching session. This cuts down on time spent duplicating work and helps to streamline your processes into systems that work for you. 



Start using CoachVantage to manage your invoicing and notice an instant improvement in your cashflow with clients paying you on time. CoachVantage allows you to create your own branded invoice with the growth of your brand in mind. We support one-off invoices and recurring invoices that are sent automatically on schedule. So once they are set, you can basically forget. 

You also have the flexibility to add other recipients to the email list, such as your client’s HR department, who may be paying for their employee’s coaching on their behalf. 

Integrate with PayPal or Stripe so your clients can pay you in one-click convenience. As mentioned, CoachVantage does not levy any commissions on your sales.

Furthermore, there is an option for you to charge the client’s card automatically.



With CoachVantage, your coaching time for every session is automatically logged upon completion (optional setting) and can be exported at the click of a button! How’s that for convenience?

If you’re looking to get certified by the International Coaching Federation, you’ll be happy to know that the coaching log is in the ICF-prescribed format. You won’t ever forget logging your coaching time again, which means you can get certified faster and deservedly so!

Liking how easy it sounds to manage your coaching clients with this simple client management software? You don’t need to commit to be able to test drive it. We provide a 2-week free trial with no credit card input required because we want you to be able to fully understand the platform and see what a gamechanger it could be for your coaching business. 

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