What Features to Look for in Life Coaching Platforms

Life coaching platforms are designed to automate your business processes, save you time, and add professionalism to your services.

What Features to Look for in Life Coaching Platforms

There has never been a better time to run an online coaching business. With a host of facilities online to help you manage and promote your life coaching business, including social media channels for both organic and paid promotions to bring in clients from around the world, the chances of running a successful business has never been higher. 

You’ll also find a wide range of feature-packed online life coaching platforms designed to help you manage your clients, track performance, book and organise coaching sessions, and keep your clients engaged with their program for better results. 

The difference is night and day between running a life coaching business with and without a solid software for life coaches. These platforms are designed to help you automate your business processes, save you time, bring in better organisation, and add a greater degree of professionalism to your services, as one of our clients can attest:


“CoachVantage is exactly what I was looking for in a software to manage my coaching business. Each program can be individually designed and the contract, intake form and payment are all captured in one place. It has been very easy to learn and the team has been very helpful with any questions."

– Julie Rizzo, Certified Life and Health Coach 


How can you benefit from bringing your coaching business onto a life coaching platform? 

Platforms like CoachVantage have been designed precisely with your life coaching business in mind. They address the specific requirements coaches have in running their business online. We’ll cover the main ones here:

> Keeping track of your clients’ details

> Managing your appointments to avoid double-booking

> Scheduling sessions with ease on both sides

> Surveying your clients for better insights

> Creating a smooth onboarding experience for new clients

> Delivering seamless sessions through clearly organised programs

> Managing payments for smoother cashflow


Keeping track of your clients’ details

Contacts function in CoachVantage

The great thing about having a life coaching platform to organise your entire coaching business is that you don’t have to invest in multiple platforms to manage everything. 

For example, you don’t need a separate customer relationship management (CRM) system because you can keep all information about your clients recorded in your coaching platform. That includes their birthdays so you can add a personal touch by sending your clients birthday greetings.

Managing your appointments to avoid double-booking

 Platforms like CoachVantage allow you to sync your personal or existing work calendars, like Google Calendar and others, directly with the scheduling software in CoachVantage. If you have slots taken in your personal/work calendar, clients won’t be able to book you at those times within CoachVantage. So, you’ll never be double-booked and have to face the embarrassment and inconvenience of rescheduling sessions with clients. 

Scheduling sessions with ease on both sides

Manage Your Coaching Practice in One Place

CoachVantage automates your business workflows so you can focus on impactful coaching results.

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The booking solution within the platform makes it easy for clients to simply log on to a client portal and access everything they need to be coached by you. This includes booking sessions with you right there on the platform and receiving reminders so they don’t miss a session. Once they book in, you’ll also get a notification with reminders so that you rock up on time too.


Surveying your clients for better insights

As every coach knows, the best way to serve your clients is to ask them what they want! You can do this easily in CoachVantage by sending our customisable survey forms to get the information you need from clients to serve them better. 

These forms are very customisable – you can ask questions to get answers in multiple ways, such as free-form short or long text, multiple choice, dropdown selection or opinion scale. You can even add images and video to the survey to add personal touches and present new information with clarity.



Creating a smooth onboarding experience for new clients

First impressions count, so being able to deliver a smooth onboarding experience to new customers is vital. It sets the stage for how your clients will expect things to go in the future.

With life coaching platforms like CoachVantage, the onboarding process is seamless. You just need to personalise it for your business, and your clients are in for a great experience right off the bat.

In CoachVantage, for example, you can schedule your Discovery Call with a new prospect and enter them into your onboarding process directly if you decide they are a good fit. The client will be sent the contract you select based on your conversation with them. This can be signed online by the client.

You’ll both get reminders when sessions are due and you can customise how you want your clients to prepare for each session. All this from just one phone call. That’s the beauty of automation all in one platform!


Delivering seamless sessions

Resource Library in CoachVantage

Once you are in sessions with clients, you can easily pull up past session notes to refer to past conversations, review work done, and use the information as a base for the present session. 

You can also direct clients to reference material stored in your resource library that you think will be useful to them. This makes it easier than having to hunt for files in your computer and remember to email them to the client. 

And at the end of your session, your session notes are instantly available for your client to view and work on while it’s still fresh in their mind. You can simply move on to your next client session knowing that the client you just finished with has all they need to move forward, and not waiting for you to email files across to them.

Managing payments for smoother cashflow

Naturally, getting paid is an important part of running your business and finding an online life coaching platform that incorporates invoicing directly into the system is not only a time saver for you, but allows you to track payments due and plan your cash flow. 

Clients are able to pay directly online at the click of a button so you get paid immediately, with no more “the cheque’s in the mail” excuse. Clients also have easy access to their invoices without having to chase you for them.  

 You have the flexibility of setting up different payment options, for example: one-time payment, instalment plans, or monthly subscriptions. Furthermore, you can also control whether to invoice clients, have clients make payments through your invoice, or to automatically deduct their credit card on file. 

 With a solid life coaching platform taking care of your business, you are in a better position to take care of your clients, just the way it should be.

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