Life Coaching Software: The features you need to run your business

All you need to run a successful practice

Life Coaching Software

Life coaching is a very rewarding career albeit a unique one. As a life coach, you value your time with clients, you want to create a safe space for them to feel supported and nurtured so they can achieve their goals. This is why the right life coaching software can help you be a better life coach and build a successful practice. Life coaching software can support the 3 main pillars of your life coaching business:



Resources and Progress-tracking

Each part plays an important role - picking the right life coaching software will help you establish a successful practice. When picking your software make sure you take the following into consideration:

Life-Coaching Software that automates your admin tasks

The software you pick needs to help you quicken the process of seeing people on discovery calls, getting paid, signing contracts, onboarding and logging your coaching time.

You need a tool that integrates and tracks all this so that nothing gets lost in your business. Your accountant and your clients will thank you for this! As will your family because you won’t need to spend your weekends grappling with invoices and sorting your documents. client onboarding - life coaching software


Manage Your Coaching Practice in One Place

CoachVantage automates your business workflows so you can focus on impactful coaching results.

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Client onboarding software tools

Your life-coaching software should save you the trouble of onboarding clients one by one. 

Online coaching software like CoachVantage allows you to create self-onboarding systems using custom forms and sales pages integrated with your payment processor (PayPal or Stripe).  This saves you a lot of time and money. 

The platform does not charge any extra processing fees for payments you collect so you can relax and integrate it with your current payment gateway like Stripe. 

It saves you a lot of time because you don't need to do anything else after sharing the sales page (carrying all your package and payment plan information). 

Once the client pays, everything else is automated - the creation of the client record in your system, data collection, contract signature, invoicing, creation of a client portal and even scheduling sessions.  


Client login for resources and progress tracking

The best life-coaching platforms will offer tools to share resources with your clients really easily. Some sessions may require some follow up work, filling a form or reviewing a pdf - these things can be easily shared with the client using a shared-resource, capability such as that in CoachVantage. CoachVantage also offers the opportunity to track your clients’ progress. You can easily see how far they are in the program and keep track of the results they should have achieved based on the time they've spent with you. All of this can be documented. When you do this it will help you achieve better results for your clients.

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