Life Coaching Software for a Successful Coaching Business

The life coaching software you choose should support the three main pillars of your life coaching business: admin, clients, and resources and progress-tracking.

Life Coaching Software for a Successful Coaching Business

There’s a lot to be said for using the right life coach software to manage your life coaching business. As with any business tool, if the life coach platform you choose ticks all the right boxes, your time can be better put to use serving your clients. 

There are plenty of scheduling, invoicing and customer relationship management platforms out there that do an awesome job in streamlining the administration aspects of running your coaching business, or any business. But that’s just the point. They are generic and while they do the job really well, they don’t address all of the unique aspects of running a coaching business in particular.

They don’t create a safe space for your clients in a way they feel supported and nurtured to achieve their goals.

They don’t give access to the materials your clients will find useful to support the coaching sessions you hold.

They don’t organise everything related to their coaching sessions all in one handy place. 

Making your clients feel supported goes far beyond making sure that appointments get booked and attended on time (but of course these are critical components of running an organised and optimised coaching business too!).

So what should you expect from a good life coaching platform?

The life coaching software you choose should support the following three main pillars of your life coaching business:

> Admin

> Clients

> Resources and Progress-tracking

All three are critical in your business and you’ll get all the support you need around each with the right life coach platform.

Automate your admin tasks with a good life coaching software 

The software you pick needs to fast-track the process of:

> getting prospects onto your discovery calls so you can close more sales

> getting paid on time so you can manage your cashflow

> getting contracts signed in the easiest way possible online

> onboarding new clients with ease

> logging your coaching time so you can make sure you charge what you are worth

You need a tool that integrates and tracks all of this so that nothing gets lost in your business. Getting this organised and working like clockwork is something your accountant and your clients will thank you for! And using the right life coaching software like CoachVantage to automate your admin tasks will also save you an extraordinary amount of time. Now you’ll be able to spend the weekends with those you love, as you advocate for your own clients, instead of grappling with invoices, chasing customers for signed documents and organising your coaching notes to follow up after every session.

Manage Your Coaching Practice in One Place

CoachVantage automates your business workflows so you can focus on impactful coaching results.

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Onboard new clients with ease with the right life coaching software


Imagine systemising your entire onboarding process so that it’s easy for you and your clients. With an automated process in place on coaching platforms like CoachVantage, clients virtually onboard themselves. 


Life coaching software: CoachVantage


You can create custom forms, send prospects to the right sales page, allow them to pay through PayPal or Stripe, all while you sleep or spend time with your family. Feel it’s a cold process? Not at all! Your clients will love the ease of signing up with you, getting everything they need as they onboard into your platform and be ready and eager to jump into your first coaching session, already scheduled without you having anything to do with it!

Think of the hours that this will save, not to mention how impressed your new clients will be by the painless and smooth onboarding process.

On top of that, getting paid in advance is seamless as CoachVantage allows your clients to pay right there in the system without you having to pay any extra processing fees. You simply integrate your payment gateway with your CoachVantage account and the payments will take care of themselves. Your accountant will love it too as gone are the messy (or missing) paper receipts. Everything will automatically be recorded in your payment gateway accounts ready for your accountant to access with ease.

In short, simply point your new client in the right direction, and let CoachVantage take care of the onboarding for you by setting up the client record in your system, creating a client portal for your client to log into to access all their data and records, and preparing lesson scheduling on autopilot.


Provide your clients with a safe, organised space to work with you


The best life coaching platforms will offer tools to share resources with your clients really easily. Some sessions may require follow-up work, such as filling up a form or reviewing a PDF - these documents can be easily shared with your client using a shared-resource capability, as can be found in CoachVantage.


Resource Library function in CoachVantage


Document your client’s process with the platform so that both you and your client can keep track of how far they are in the program, what goals should have been achieved, and where they are aiming for. Keeping all information in one place like this provides the clarity to help you achieve better results for your clients and for your clients to feel empowered to do the work.

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