How a Coaching Platform Helps You Automate to Earn More

Automate your coaching business to make more money

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Whether you’re a new or a seasoned coach, your goal is to take your coaching practice to the next level. One easy way to do this is to add a layer of automation to your admin and onboarding processes. This releases precious time in your business which you need to re-invest wisely.


Here are 3 features your virtual coaching platform needs to have to help you save precious time: 1. Scheduling

Smart scheduling is the one feature you want your platform to have. It comes as no surprise that relaying emails to find a common slot with your clients takes more time than it’s worth. Whether you see clients face-to-face or online, you can still benefit from an online scheduling tool.


2. Contracts and Invoicing

Customising contracts and sending them to clients, printing them, signing them, scanning… it takes so long. Yet with a simple e-signing tool getting contracts signed, signing them yourself and sending them to clients becomes a breeze. 

It’s ideal if this feature is integrated within your coaching platform.  CoachVantage has integrated contract e-signing which allows you to upload your contract template, insert the fields that need to be filled in and signed by your clients, and then enable your clients to sign it from within their client portal. 

This makes it very convenient, seamless and hassle-free for both coach and client. Couple that with a simple invoicing system that also supports automatic recurring invoices and you can take one or two days off each month with the time you’ve saved.


 virtual coach platform  


3. Sales Pages and Client Onboarding

More than 50% of coaches’ websites that I’ve analyzed will have a page that describes their coaching program/s, the fees (sometimes), and a ‘contact me’ form where prospects submit their contact details and then wait in anticipation for a response from the coach.

Upon receiving the email notification with the prospect’s contact details, what follows next is a series of back and forth emails to schedule a call, send the invoice and contract, wait another day or two to confirm the payment is received and the contract is signed, and then another round of emails to share files, the welcome pack, etc.

The entire process from client acquisition to onboarding could take at least a dozen email exchanges and anywhere between 2 - 7 days to complete. 

What do your client acquisition and onboarding processes look like? 

If it’s anything like the above, it’s time to re-think your workflow!

By tightly coupling your sales page with the client onboarding process,  (like CoachVantage sales pages) you can improve the client experience, save you time and ensure you get paid faster. 

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CoachVantage generates a sales page that contains all the information about your coaching program including payment options and allows your client to pay online...

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You can also include an onboarding form to collect all the information from your clients and allow them to schedule a call with you, all done in a step-by-step manner from your sales page. 

After signing up, your client receives an email to confirm their payment and asks them to create a client account portal where they will have immediate access to your coaching files and resources.

By streamlining and automating the sales and client onboarding in one seamless flow, everything is completed within minutes. It’s a delightful customer experience, you get paid immediately and it saves you heaps of time by eliminating all of the administrative overheads.

And we all know that time is money. But for a solo coach or a growing coaching practice, time really does translate into more money if you invest it in the following:  

1. Spend reclaimed time reviewing your marketing

Coaches need to market themselves effectively so taking time to look at where your leads are coming from and reviewing your highest converting touchpoints is a great way to invest your time.


2.  Review your lead follow-up processes

The sales-close is in the follow-up. Take a close look at your sales pipeline and make sure you have a water-tight system to follow up all your leads. This is a great way to boost your income with little effort.


3. Make sure your coaching packages are as profitable as possible

Take a look at the amount of time you’re spending on client work. Calculate the admin time too and divide it by the number of clients to understand how much processing time each client takes. 

Then work out all your expenses and time spent working with each client, add the admin time and calculate your profitability. You want to make sure that your profitability is realistic when compared to the income you’re aiming for. Spending excessive time on admin tasks represents an opportunity cost - it takes your attention away from marketing and lead generation efforts and coaching time, all of which are essential activities to help drive up your revenue.

Perform an assessment of your business processes and any admin tasks that could possibly be outsourced to a VA or automated by software tools.

If you want to unlock more money in your business by using a coaching platform to save time, we’d like to invite you to test-drive CoachVantage online coaching software for Free. You can start off with a 14-day free trial of CoachVantage to check out all the features above. Register for your free trial below

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