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Coaching tools

Client breakthroughs are valuable not just for your clients but is also great for you and your coaching business. This is because a satisfied and happy client will surely bring you great testimonials and more business. 

This is why learning the coaching tools that get them there should be a priority for every coach.

But what gets great results is probably not as complex as you might think…
It’s actually simpler...


Coaching tools: A great onboarding system

The first thing that assures that your coaching clients get great breakthroughs, is the way you onboard them. The way you bring them onboard sets expectations about how much they can rely on you and how much work this will involve from their end. 

The more you make it clear that the outcome is their responsibility, the more they will come through with great results.


Coaching tools: Goal Tracking

Goal tracking is very important. 

If your clients know how close they are to achieving your goals they’re more likely to keep their momentum and get there.

It’s important to find out what their desired goals are during the onboarding call and making sure you create a simple way for them to map their journey there. An easy way to do this is using CoachVantage’s goals feature.


coaching tools and techniques



Coaching tools: An Agreement

No matter where you are in the world, a written agreement makes your client feel obliged to fulfil the commitment they promised you. 

Not only will they respect you more, but they will also get better outcomes when they sign an agreement with you because they are more committed and clear about the part they will play in their own success. 

In fact, make sure you include all the details in your agreement because it’s not just about agreeing regarding the exchange of money, but also about the exchange of energy and the dynamics of the coach/coachee relationship.


Coaching tools: Your processes and techniques

Once the client is committed it’s important that you support them. 

Your processes should be easy to follow, creating documents and quizzes as tools to help them have breakthroughs alone and also on the calls is very important to convey your value.

By picking a tool like CoachVantage you can prepare all the documents and tools and store them all in one place for your clients to have easy access. This will make them feel supported while reducing the number of emails and messages you receive.


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