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Nail your coaching processes to scale your business

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Your coaching processes are key to reaching your goals and building the practice of your dreams

Your coaching processes will dictate how easily you can grow your business or not. They also decide whether you get the business of your dreams or the one from your nightmares.

It’s important to think ahead and create processes that support your future business - if they don’t, your business will break as it grows, or even worse grow in a direction you never intended it to go. 


So what’s the best thing you can do to make sure your processes support your future growth?


Coaching Process Vision

The first step is to set up your coaching processes. 

But before you do, you need to create your 5-year vision. Knowing how you want your business to look in 5 years’ time is going to be key.

Once you have outlined how many hours you want to work, whether you want to do group coaching or 1:1 only or perhaps expand into evergreen programs, start painting a picture of how your daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly processes look like.

Be crystal clear about your goals. Look at the scenario realistically Will you need to hire support to manage all this? What kind of systems will you need in place to hire or onboard clients easily?


Coaching Process Plan

The next step is to create a plan for your processes. 

How can you set them up now so that they’re easy to grow later without having to scrap your systems and start from scratch or experience lengthy and expensive migrations when your business grows?


coaching process plan


Coaching Process Set-up

Once you have your vision and systems plan in place, it’s time to pick the right tool so you can set up your processes. 


You’ll need a tool that sets you up to follow the coaching process. Ideally, you want a tool that has everything in one place. Multiple logins and various places to store stuff results in difficult handovers and broken systems when you make your first hire or acquire your first client.


You also want to pick a tool that can grow with you, whether you decide to go into group coaching or course creation, or simply hire other coaches to help you service your corporate clients.

No matter in which direction you’re planning to grow, CoachVantage has you covered. We even help you get set up if you’re a little stuck. 


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