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How to create coaching packages

How to create coaching packages

What to ask yourself and where to start

If you want to know how to create a coaching package, you first need to think about who you want to create it for?

Think and pick the kind of people you want to work with. The ones that bring out the best in you. The ones you love to work with.

Think about their journey before and after they work with you.
Which leg of the journey will you accompany them on?

3 questions to help you create your coaching packages:

1. What’s the transformation?

The first thing you need to think about is the transformation you want to support your clients with. Think about the struggles they will come to you with. How do they feel before they work with you? How do they want things to be different in their life or business?


Then think about the results you offer - start with the end in mind. Analyse all the benefits of the transformation and get clear on the impact that you will have on their lives. Picture all the milestones you take them through.


Be specific about the value and returns that your client can expect to get at the end of the coaching journey with you. For example… if you’re a life coach helping people get unstuck. Explain in detail what their life will feel and look like after they’ve finished working with you. Will they feel more joyful, happier, have better relationships etc.?


2. How long should your program be?

The next step is to understand how long it will take for your clients to see results. If you’re a seasoned coach, this will come easy and natural, however, if you’re just starting out you will need to explore different durations and adapt based on the success you see. You may need to re-work things a little if you’re moving from face-to-face coaching to online coaching but all in all, you should have a good idea of how many sessions it will take and how long you want each session to be.


Think about any extra or ‘special’ sessions you might need to include in your program structure. Perhaps you need an orientation session in the beginning that is shorter than the other sessions, or maybe a deep-dive first session that is longer than the remaining sessions.


create coaching packages


3. How much should you charge?

Finally, you will need to decide how much to charge for your program. This can be tricky because there is no right price really. If you’re starting out and don’t have much experience, your prices should reflect that. If you’re an experienced coach with solid client testimonials, you can justify higher prices.

It’s important however to first establish the actual value of the transformation you bring. How much is it worth to your customers? 


For example: if you’re a wellness coach for CEOs, then by improving their wellbeing you also improve their ability to focus and perform at work, which in turn will make them more productive and happier. It may also lead to a higher income and more recognition at work. 


Think about the impact you bring to your clients in terms of both the tangibles (i.e. higher revenues, cost savings) and the intangibles (example: less stress, more family time, greater recognition and praise, etc). If you can translate the intangible benefits to a monetary value, even better! 


The price of your coaching package should be a reflection of the value and benefits that you deliver, no matter what your coaching niche is, whether you’re a health and wellness coach or coach to Fortune 500 CEOs. 


coaching motivation


The key is to understand the motivational drivers and pain points of who you’re coaching. Only then will you be able to clearly articulate what they stand to gain, rather than what it will cost, to coach with you.  


Once you’ve created your coaching package or program, you’re ready to start selling it. CoachVantage can help you create and sell your coaching programs online, book clients automatically, issue invoices and create goals and assignments to track their progress.


When you use CoachVantage to create your coaching programs, you will be guided through a step-by-step wizard to set everything up such as your program information, number of sessions, questionnaires, fees, and a branded sign-up page.

Interested in looking at the CoachVantage coaching platform to sell your coaching packages? You can start off with a 14-day free trial below.

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