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Why a progress tracker can make or break your coaching business

progress tracker for coaches

Trackable steps lead your clients to success

Any coach with a successful track record will tell you that it’s much easier to stay on top of your goals when progress and milestones are clearly documented. 

The days of paper documentation and tracking are fortunately behind us; whether you’re a face-to-face or an online coach, using a progress tracker will really help you achieve success for your clients.

No matter what that success looks like to you and your clients, what gets tracked has a much higher chance of being fruitful.

progress tracking for coaching


Here are some tips on how to create those milestones and measure progress with a progress tracker:


  1. Make a list of the desired progress and outcomes of your client


During your first or preliminary call with new clients, make sure you ask the right questions so you can create a list of the clients’ desired outcomes. Once you have this list, break it down into measurable milestones.


  1. Break them down into trackable milestones

Ask yourself, “what are the key steps that have to be achieved so that the overall goal becomes possible or easy?” 

The answer to this question will give you a draft list of potential milestones. Now cut down your list into milestones and sub-tasks. Some of the smaller goals may simply be tasks that you discuss or work through along the way.

Make a list of requirements for each milestone.

For example:
Goal “Start a simple self-care routine”.
Milestone One “Client needs to identify 1 thing they will do every day that brings them joy”

Task “Client needs to download the pdf tracker and bring it to session 4 (at the latest).”


  1. Use progress-tracking tools to track the progress of your clients

Once the journey is clear to you, it’s time to make it simple and easy for your clients to follow. You want to pick a tool that is as easy to use as possible so that your client can focus on the task at hand.

CoachVantage gives you the opportunity to visually see the progress with regards to the goals, milestones, number of sessions and also the tasks. This gives you a detailed overview of the progress of each client.

Getting a quick, effortless progress report makes it really easy to support your clients when they need that extra push to build the habits that are going to prove life-changing.


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