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How coaching portals can help you charge more

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No matter what business you’re in, you need systems in order to grow and scale your business. This becomes even more relevant if you intend to grow your team as the business grows. You need a coaching portal to effectively scale your business.

Even if you intend to remain a solopreneur and run your business single-handedly, a coaching portal can help you scale your business and charge more.

If you intend to grow your team - it goes without saying, you cannot do it effectively without systems and tracking your coach employees, so once again a coaching portal is going to be key to your growth.

But what is it about a coaching portal that helps you charge more?
Not every coaching portal may suit what you need, so make sure it has the following features that you can leverage in the right way:

1. Coaching Portal Sales Pages and Onboarding

A vital feature that a coaching portal should have to help you charge more is the ability to create sales pages for your coaching packages. 


coaching portals


By using sales pages that integrate with your coaching portal you give a very good first impression, this is very important because of buyer’s remorse. As humans we feel remorse just after spending money, it's natural. But if you create a delightful onboarding process that impresses your new client and leaves a great first impression, your clients will feel like they trust you already and they’ll be confident they’re spending their money on the right coach.

Buyer’s remorse happens to everyone, especially when it’s a high-value purchase. According to Skelton Allwood Research, the most common reason people have buyer’s regret is that the purchase doesn’t meet expectations. 


With a platform like CoachVantage, you can be sure to create an impressive and professional onboarding process. You want to turn this on its head and create that special wow factor during the onboarding process.

CoachVantage creates slick sales pages that walk your client through a self-service onboarding process, including collecting onboarding information through a form/questionnaire, collecting payment and booking their first call with you. Truly a delightful and seamless experience for your clients! 


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2. Scheduling reminders and amended bookings

By scheduling your clients in or allowing them to book directly, you save a lot of time and money relaying emails to find mutually available slots. 

If you pick the right tool, your client will also get automated reminders of upcoming coaching sessions. This is very important if you charge for cancellations or no-shows. You will have proof that your client was reminded of the appointment a number of times before the actual time.

Charging for no-shows is one way of reducing waste in your business. For coaches, time is money and this is a time (and money) leak in your business. Fewer no-shows will leave you with more billable time.


3. You can charge more because you can demonstrate client success

Some coaching portals such as CoachVantage give you the option to track client progress and create goals and assignments for your clients. This is very important to demonstrate return on investment and the value of your services. Accountability supports better results! 

Measuring that success in terms of progress and achievements means you can get credible customer testimonials that will dramatically increase your perceived value. Testimonials are key to increasing your prices. The better the testimonials, the higher the prices you can command. 

With CoachVantage, your client testimonials can be displayed front and center on your sales pages. There isn’t a more effective sales conversion technique than having independent client reviews to convince others why they should work with you!

Are you interested in test-driving our coaching portal? You can start off with a 14 day free trial of CoachVantage to check out all the features above. 

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