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Nutrition coaching software: from on-boarding to progress tracking

Nutrition coaching software

All you need to run a successful coaching practice

A common misconception is that a nutrition coaching business is different to other coaching businesses. In reality, the needs of a nutrition coach are very similar to that of other coaches, such as booking appointments, signing contracts, setting goals and milestones, following progress and sharing resources (such as images, pdf’s and other digital files or links).

Coaching software that has the right level of customisation is very well suited to nutrition coaching.

A nutrition coaching practise requires a number of tools to smoothly integrate all the business parts together. From booking appointments to signing contracts to setting client goals to sharing nutritional plans and their execution while supporting clients.

It all sounds like a lot to handle at once, especially when you are coaching multiple clients at once, all at different stages of your program. This is where nutrition coaching software comes to the rescue. But finding the right one is key. 

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The wrong platform may turn into even more overwhelm for you if it’s complex to use. And it will result in double work for you to have to migrate all of your data to another platform.  So here’s a list of features to help you choose the right platform based on how your business operates:

  1. Nutrition coaching software administration processes

The first thing you need to think about is how you make your sales, invoice and how you collect client data before you start working with them. 

This is key because it's that part of the business that needs to be professional in order to preserve your reputation. Often this is the process that clients encounter first - your sales page, then your onboarding process etc. Their first impressions of you from this initial touchpoint is really important to build trust in your services.

A coaching platform like CoachVantage has all the tools you need with the right level of customisation. It allows you to brand your program sales pages with a banner image, your business logo and profile, includes client testimonials and payment options. You can also use intake forms to gather client information as they sign up for your program.

It integrates all these steps into your sales page and allows you to customise the required steps during the client sign up. For example, if you would like the client to schedule the first coaching session as they sign up, you can enable that too. 

Your clients can self-onboard without your intervention and they get access to a client portal where you can manage the coaching journey easily with them. 

Bottom line, your nutrition coaching software should make your business look really smart and save you time!

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  1. Coaching resource library and goal tracking

As a nutrition coach, meal plans and nutritional information as well as goal tracking may be an essential part of your coaching process. 

CoachVantage offers a secure login area for your clients, the client account portal. This is created automatically once your client signs up to your coaching program or when you trigger a portal invite to a client yourself.

It’s important for you and your clients to be able to share files and documents easily with each other. These may be recipes, meal plans, exercise and fitness regimes or videos. While there are free tools you can use for this like Dropbox or Google Drive, it would mean having to access different tools for different aspects of your business. 

If you want to be more organized and have everything under one roof, so to speak, you’ll need to consider software that supports the exchange of documents and files. In CoachVantage, there is a ‘Resource Library’ feature that enables both you and your coachee to upload files like PDFs, images, videos, spreadsheets, etc. This is very useful to share things like meal plans, recipes, fitness videos, etc. 

A nutrition coaching platform that helps you deliver your coaching program effectively and results in positive client results will greatly enhance your reputation as a nutrition coach, so do choose wisely!

CoachVantage is a great fit for any nutrition coaching practice. Would you like to try these features for yourself?

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