BE-DO-HAVE Coaching Model Exercise & Coaching Questions
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BE-DO-HAVE Coaching Model Exercise & Coaching Questions

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This BE-DO-HAVE Coaching Model resource is a mini bundle that comes with:

  • Brandable Coaching Model Exercise
  • Supporting Coaching Questions

This coaching model serves as a catalyst for personal and professional growth, enabling both the coach and the coachee to unlock their full potential, set meaningful goals, and create positive change in their lives.

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What is the BE-DO-HAVE Coaching Model?

The 'BE DO HAVE' coaching model is a powerful framework that focuses on personal and professional development by emphasizing the interplay between one's beliefs, actions, and outcomes. It encompasses a mindset shift that empowers both the coach and the coachee to achieve desired results and create lasting change.

Benefits of the BE-DO-HAVE Coaching Model

For the coach, the 'BE DO HAVE' model offers a structured approach to guide their clients towards success. By helping coachees identify and align their core values, beliefs, and identity ('BE'), coaches can support them in developing a clear understanding of who they are and what they want to achieve. This enables coaches to provide targeted guidance, strategies, and resources tailored to the coachee's aspirations and motivations. As a result, coaches experience the fulfillment of witnessing their clients' growth and transformation.

For the coachee, the 'BE DO HAVE' model brings numerous benefits. Firstly, it encourages self-reflection and self-awareness, allowing individuals to gain clarity on their values, purpose, and strengths. This introspection helps coachees define their goals and develop a sense of direction. Secondly, by focusing on actions ('DO'), the model enables coachees to identify specific steps and behaviors necessary to accomplish their objectives. Coachees become proactive and accountable for their actions, fostering a sense of achievement and progress. Lastly, the model helps coachees realize that by aligning their beliefs and actions, they can manifest desired outcomes ('HAVE'), leading to increased confidence, satisfaction, and fulfillment.


Origins of the model

The 'BE DO HAVE' coaching model does not have a single originating source or creator. It is a concept that has been widely utilized and adapted by various coaches, trainers, and personal development experts over the years. The model draws upon principles from fields such as coaching, psychology, and philosophy.

The core idea of the 'BE DO HAVE' model can be traced back to philosophical and psychological theories that emphasize the connection between one's mindset, actions, and outcomes. It aligns with the notion that our beliefs and identity (BE) influence our behaviors and actions (DO), which ultimately lead to the results and outcomes we experience (HAVE).

It has become a fundamental framework used in coaching and personal development circles. Its concepts and principles are incorporated into various coaching methodologies and programs, contributing to the growth and success of individuals seeking personal and professional transformation.

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