Box Breathing Coaching Script
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Box Breathing Coaching Script

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Box breathing, or square breathing, is a simple yet effective relaxation technique that can be utilized by coaches to create an optimal coaching environment and help coachees achieve a state of relaxation and presence.

This resource provides you with a script to help you guide your coachee through the box breathing process.


Using box breathing to initiate a coaching session

To initiate a coaching session, coaches can guide their coachees through box breathing exercises. By focusing on the breath and synchronizing it with the count, individuals engage in deep diaphragmatic breathing, which activates the body's relaxation response. This technique helps reduce stress, anxiety, and mental clutter, allowing coachees to enter a calm and centered state.


Benefits of using box breathing technique

Box breathing not only facilitates relaxation but also promotes mindfulness and presence. By bringing attention to the breath and the present moment, coachees become more fully engaged in the coaching session, enhancing their receptiveness to new insights and perspectives. It also helps coaches establish a supportive and safe coaching environment by signaling the importance of self-care and setting a positive tone for the session.

By incorporating box breathing at the beginning of coaching sessions, coaches can create an atmosphere conducive to open dialogue and introspection. This technique enables coachees to release tension, enhance their focus, and be fully present, setting the stage for meaningful exploration, growth, and transformation during the coaching process.


Why is box breathing also known as square breathing?

The box breathing technique involves a structured breathing pattern where individuals inhale, hold their breath, exhale, and hold again, each for an equal count of time, forming a square shape.


Box breathing fun fact

Did you know that Navy SEALS also employ box breathing techniques? Yes, it's true!

Box breathing is a valuable tool for Navy SEALs as it helps them regulate their physiological and psychological responses, manage stress, enhance focus, and maintain composure in high-pressure environments, ultimately contributing to their operational effectiveness and mission success.

These benefits can surely be realized in our everyday lives too, to help us perform optimally.

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