How document management improves your coaching business

It’s one of the habits that will help you run a successful coaching business

document management

Document management is one of the most important good habits you must adopt if you want to run a successful coaching business. 


The current Global Pandemic has completely redesigned the coaching business, with much of it moving online.

This means that you need to have an organised document system because you cannot hand things over physically or put them on a USB to give to your client. 

Document Management - Everything in one place

The best place to start when starting out with document management is to have everything in one place and logically organised. 

One of the most immediate advantages of having sound document management is that you can help support your client in session and between sessions. If they have a question or require help, you can immediately find the document you are looking for and give them access to it.

You will also find that when your document management is organised, you can improve on all your learning resources because links and patterns become much clearer. You can beef up the information packs you give out and improve them.


Document Management - coaching vs coachee boundaries are easier


Many people fall into the trap of answering questions or giving out extra information in an email. This is another habit that you need to break. Anything that you were going to put into an email should be put into a document and copied over to your repository, where all the other documents live.

resource library for coaches

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Organising your documents saves time 


You will also find that if you manage your documents well, you will not have to fumble around and look for things when a client calls you or messages you to ask for some information.

If you have the right document at hand in the blink of an eye, your document management system will make you look more organised and professional and will improve your reputation as a coach.

You can also allow your clients access to the documents and if they are organised well, you will notice a dramatic reduction in requests for support and assistance. 


Never misplace a file again


Furthermore, when you store your documents and contracts ‘in the cloud’ as opposed to using file binders, you can rest assured that your documents are never misplaced, lost or left unsecured around your desk.

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