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Without sales you don’t have a business, you have a hobby. It’s very important to focus on selling your coaching packages from day one. I can already hear you ask the question “How to sell coaching packages then?”

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

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Selling a coaching package starts long before the discovery call. Here’s a simple process that will set you up for closing many more coaching clients in the coming weeks and months:

Selling Coaching Packages: Start with the ideal client

The first step is to create a package that is easy to sell, and you can only do this by getting to know your clients as well as possible.  Make sure that you listen very carefully to how your clients describe their problems and how they visualise the solution to their problems. Often you have this conversation during the first call with a client after they’ve booked you. At this stage, ask as many questions as possible and keep a log or a recording to evaluate the perception of your ideal clients.  

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Selling Coaching Packages: Design the perfect package

Once you’ve become truly familiar with what your ideal clients want, it’s time to sit down and turn it into features, benefits and ideals. Your package will sell on the back of the sales page so keep in mind that all these details need to be on your package sales page. Start by talking about those things that your ideal clients desire. Paint a picture for them with words on your page. Then talk about why many people don’t achieve this. Next, bridge the gap and let them know why your package actually works at achieving their desired outcome. Next, describe your story and why/how you have created this package to address this need. Finish off the sales page by adding the details of how you will deliver. How many sessions, over how many weeks, what resources you’ll share, what ongoing support you provide etc.  

Selling Coaching Packages: Have all your selling tools ready

The next step is to make sure that you create a simple selling process for yourself. Having all your tools in one place when on a discovery call helps you focus on what really matters - making a connection with your future client. The best way to do this is to avoid having many tools. With CoachVantage you can create a package or coaching program very easily. You enter the details of the program and its description plus the price and details of any payment plans. 

You can also create onboarding forms and appointment booking for your programs. Once the sign-up process is completed online, your new client will have access to a client account portal which will allow you both to collaborate effectively throughout the coaching engagement. 

This will save you time and make you look very professional especially as the client portal is branded with your business name, logo and colors. Check out the coaching program sales page and automatic onboarding for free by filling the form below.

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