Top life coach directories that could get you more clients

Top 7 life coach directories to expand your reach and get more coaching clients

top life coach directories that could get you more clients

You’ve just started your coaching business and have reached out to your network, friends and family to spread the word.

You’ve also got your website up and your content channels include social media marketing and email marketing for your coaching business.




But, what else can you do to expand your reach and get more coaching clients? 

In this article, we’re going to talk about life coach directories and how they could help you get more coaching clients.


top life coach directories that could get you more clients




A life coach directory is an online site where clients can find listings of life coaches or executive coaches. It facilitates a match between what the client is looking for and whether the coach is potentially a good fit.


In contrast to social media marketing, which might be perceived as 'salesy,' prospective clients have the advantage of browsing the directory and deciding which coach would best suit their needs.


There are mixed reviews on Facebook Coaching groups about whether coaching directories are effective in generating leads. As there are hundreds or even thousands of other coaches listing their services, the key is to make yourself stand out from the crowd! 


Your profile should be succinct and clear about the services you provide. It’s therefore vital that you include pertinent information when you list yourself in a coaching directory.


Include your coaching certifications, credentials, relevant training and an ‘about me’ blurb that is on-point about who you help and how you help. Client testimonials, if available, are excellent to build trust as they are unbiased reviews about your capabilities and expertise.


Oh, and please do yourself a favor and include your photo as it builds trust. There’s nothing worse than looking at a human-silhouette avatar on a profile page!


Do keep in mind that some directories are free while others require a subscription fee.


top life coach directories that could get you more clients




1. You get to learn what other coaches offer


When you are new to coaching, there are lots of things to learn!


When you are browsing through a life coach directory, you get to view what other coaches have to offer. Don’t look at them as your direct competition. Learn from them and pick up tips on how you can structure your own profile page.


For most of the life coach directories, coaches are given review scores. Some of them may have been in the industry for a long time and have a great review score, so observe how they present their profiles and certifications. Find out what works for them and why and apply it to your life coach directory profiles, as appropriate. 


2. You can attract your ideal clients


As a coach, the main purpose is to assist people and offer your expertise to make the world a better place. 


But remember, when choosing a life coach directory to promote your services, it has to fit your business model and niche specialty area. 


The good news is that most life coach directories support coaching niches varying from career to wellness. In addition, there are specific coaching niche directories that you can join such as which caters to health coaches or, where ADHD coaches can list their services.


Joining the right life coach directory for your niche helps you attract your prospective ideal clients. Otherwise, you’d be wasting your time and money building up your profile.


Don’t forget to research deeper than the first page of Google for your desired life coach directory. Take your time on choosing one. 


3. You can flaunt your certifications!


Most life coach directories require you to be a certified coach. So, take this opportunity to flaunt your coaching certifications and credentials. 


If the directory allows it, display a badge of your certification on your profile too. Your coaching school or institute should have badge icons available for you to download and use for such purposes.


top life coach directories that could get you more clients




There are a few things that you should know about before listing yourself on life coach directories.


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Always keep in mind that you should join life coach directories that fit your coaching business model. Several life coach directories are broad in scope. Others, on the other hand, are directories for certain nations or parts of the world, while others cater to a specific audience, type of coach, or coaching specialization.


Some life coach directories require a monthly or annual fee, so be sure that it fits your purpose well before committing.


To have a wider reach, you can join more than one life coach directory.


Now, let’s dive into the top six life coach directories we have picked out, that could be a good fit for you:



Noomii is a database of life coaches with a unique purpose to "promote worldwide well-being." 


Their proprietary approach connects clients with their perfect coaches based on their objectives, backgrounds, and desired outcomes from coaching, as well as their budget. 


As a coach, you can get listed for free but if you decide to use their services, you can pay an amount of $397 a year. A paid service lets you get direct messages from the platform, get featured and have access to training materials.




Lumia provides both personal and professional life coach specialties. The categories are segregated into: personal growth, career and work, health and fitness, relationships and romance, money and mindfulness. 


The user experience is hassle-free as you are greeted with a ‘book a session’ or ‘email me’ button. 




Bark is an online directory that was developed to assist you in finding the top professional services, such as life coaches, health and wellness coaches, etc. They use a simple 3-step method to help you find the best life coach in your area. 


You can list on Bark for free but there is a credit system that is used for you to be able to contact your clients. As a coach, you may purchase 90 credits for $129.60 and get 20% OFF.




WiseHead links you with prospective clients who are seeking personal and professional coaching. You'll need to display your working hours and hourly rate when you join this directory.


Keep in mind, though, that if your clients don't think the session went well, they can contest the payment. 




For our coaches in the United Kingdom, this one’s for you!


Executive leaders and senior workers in corporate settings will benefit from the Trusted Coach Directory. Clients can get a customized report from the platform, and they can look for a coach to help them achieve their business objectives.


6. BEHEALTHFUL.IO mission is to promote healthful living through their online platform. They have listings of coaches varying from, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, fitness, chronic health issues and more!


If you are a health coach, this is a perfect platform to get listed on. And you can get listed for free!



Though this is a shiny new coach directory, it's made it to our list as we really love their mission and vision! The Coach Connect Australia directory is specifically for coaches who are based in Australia (as the name suggests, of course). In addition to listing your services as a coach, it also has a category for 'Events' so you can promote your hosted events to get sign-ups. There is currently a special offer for coaches to list on the site which starts from $20/mth.

Did you know? Unlike other directories, Coach Connect Australia allows you to post content on your directory too!




As described above, the quality of your profile on life coach directories is a key success factor in ‘getting the click’ from prospective clients. 


Another valuable consideration is to make it easy for prospective clients to contact you for a discovery call. Be sure to include your contact details and, ideally, a link to your scheduling page. 


They are ‘in the moment’ and it would be an opportune time for them to confirm a time in their calendar for an appointment with you. 


CoachVantage is an all-in-one coaching solution that has a Scheduling feature out-of-the-box. You can set your available times and it will create an online booking page that lets you get booked easily. 


All you need to do is put the booking page link on your profile page and prospects will be able to confirm a time with you.


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