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You can get the flashiest, most impressive, feature-packed online coaching app on the market but if it doesn’t help you sell more and delight your clients, it’s not the right app for you... Every coaching business’ success is driven by two very important elements; sales and client satisfaction. Filling your pipeline and growing your business should be first priority, client satisfaction and getting raving testimonials a close second.

CoachVantage is a web application that’s hosted in the cloud. It helps you to sell your coaching programs and enables you to deliver exceptional results for your clients and your business. It works well and responsively on any device - your desktop, phone or tablet - wherever you have an internet connection.

1. Your Online Coaching App Should Support Your Sales

In order to get enough sales and build a thriving online coaching business, you need to keep your pipeline filled at all times. This means consistent marketing. Some online marketing coaches claim you should invest 50 to 60% of your time in marketing your coaching business. Picking the right online coaching app should help you release time you would otherwise spend scheduling appointments, sending reminders, invoicing, tracking coaching sessions 

and other time-sucking admin tasks. 



One of the things you need to invest this extra time in is marketing. This is why your coaching platform should support your marketing too.  

CoachVantage helps you sell more by creating simple yet striking landing pages for your coaching packages, automatically. Every package you create in the back-end will have multiple features that help you administer and sell your  programs online, with its very own landing page for clients to sign up

When your client first lands on the page they will see the program description and the full details of the package, number of sessions, session duration etc. Once they decide to work with you, they just click ‘Next’ which takes them to your onboarding form. 

On this page, you can collect the details from your client directly and get them to agree to your terms and conditions. You can even ask questions to help you learn more about their needs, objectives, where they are stuck, etc. CoachVantage automatically creates a client profile in your account whenever someone has successfully signed up to your program.   They are also automatically invited to create their very own client account portal to have access to your program and to begin the coaching journey with you. They can then proceed to the next page which is the payment page. Here they pick the preferred payment option, either a one-time payment or monthly payments. If you offer a payment plan, CoachVantage will automatically generate recurring invoices and send them automatically on your behalf. free online coaching platform

Selling As soon as payment is successfully made, the page passes the client onto the next tab which is the appointment booking. They get access to your booking calendar to book their first call right away, based on the availability you have set in your CoachVantage settings. As soon as they book, clients will receive all the details of their booking, payment receipt, scheduled appointment and an invitation to join your portal.  

You can also embed the landing page for each package on your website, or use the embed link that lists all your packages for clients to choose from. Even if you are just starting out and don’t have your website up yet, you can still start selling your coaching programs. You can do this by simply putting the sign up page link on your social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.Or, you could simply send an email to your network to let them know about your offers and include the sign up page link.

CoachVantage makes this possible for you by hosting your program landing pages. This enables you to sell your coaching programs and earn revenue as you grow your clientele and business over time.

Your sign up pages are fully brandable - you can have your own logo, business name, and custom banner images - so you never lose your business identity. After all, this is your show!

 best online coaching app  

Discovery Calls Discovery calls (or ‘chemistry calls’ as preferred by some coaches) are the number one client acquisition strategy in online coaching. Any coaching app worth its salt should support this. The more discovery calls you book out, the more clients you land. It’s a percentage business. More calls equal more clients. Therefore there are two important things your online coaching app needs to do for you: 1. Help you win time from processing and admin to allocate more time to your discovery calls

2. Make the booking and the follow-up of each discovery call fast, easy and effective CoachVantage gives you the option to easily create an online booking page for people to book your discovery calls. The booking page link can easily be placed on your website, social media profiles, blog posts, emails, etc. You can pick which day (or hours) of the week, you want to invest in discovery calls and allocate them to your call type.  

Integration to your Zoom account is supported which makes it super easy and convenient for you to hold your virtual calls with prospects. When you integrate to your Zoom account, CoachVantage will automatically generate a unique Zoom meeting link for your calls, if you have selected Zoom as the meeting location. Your meeting details in CoachVantage are synced automatically to your Zoom account. In Dashboard upcoming sessions you can click on the zoom button or you can click the zoom link in the calendar

You can also add a qualifying form to your booking page. Qualifying your prospects is very important because it will help you close more business. CoachVantage allows you to create an intake form that people fill in when booking. This is always useful, however the way you customise it will depend on how you want to use the information you collect. If you want to understand if your prospects are a good match for what you offer, then you should ask questions about the struggles you resolve. This will help you understand whether they make a good future client or not. You can also use the form to collect information that will help you make a quicker call. Some coaches manage to work through a discovery call in 15 minutes. This means that if they allocate 3 to 4 hours a week to discovery calls, they can in practice speak to around 12 to 16 prospects per week! At a mere 15% conversion rate, that’s at least one new customer per week. This is of course great for business because the more discovery calls you do, the more clients you get. It’s important however to also optimize the follow-up process. This is where CoachVantage’s program landing page comes in super handy. All you need to do is either share the link with your prospect during the call or send a quick follow-up email with a link to your program landing page. 

The landing page includes all the details of your program and can walk them through to the payment process and the onboarding forms if they decide to buy right away. This saves you a lot of time by avoiding email ping-pong sending documents such as contracts, invoices, welcome pack, etc back and forth. CoachVantage makes the sign-up process seamless, organized, and professional.

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Packages and Pricing Your pricing and the way you package your services are an important element when it comes to booking clients. Selling is the process of matching the right prospects to the right packages. Especially if you’re an experienced coach, you probably charge higher prices than a coach with less experience. As you work your way to high ticket pricing, nothing matters more than the customer experience. Right after your new clients book your package, you need to take them on an onboarding journey that will delight them and wow them. This is where an online coaching app like CoachVantage can help you create that special experience without hiring an assistant or taking a large bite out of your week to administer the whole thing.

First impressions are key to how your client relationships kick-off. So make sure you invest in a reliable tool that positions you in a professional way and pleases the customer with smooth automation that always works.   

2. Client satisfaction through coaching portal automation

Client satisfaction is key to building a consistent income and a scalable business. When laying the foundations of a strong coaching online business, you want to make sure that you’ve given your customer touchpoints a lot of thought. The great thing about working with a platform is that you have the opportunity to benefit from the efforts and experience of the whole CoachVantage team, who has done all the hard work for you. We work tirelessly, collecting feedback from our customers and researching new technology as well as the coaching industry to ensure that we create the most intuitive client-centred coaching platform.  

Coaching Portal Onboarding Experience The onboarding experience and invoicing needs to be smooth. People are already a little tense when they think about spending money; we avoid friction at the initial stages with our smooth step-by-step process that gives the coach everything they need and walks the client through the process in a simple and user-friendly way.


Resources Repository

The document repository is probably the one tool that saves both coach and client the most time. Avoid relaying documents to each other by email by saving and sharing documents in the private Resource Library folder that’s available in CoachVantage. 

Wasting time searching for old documents in your inbox and having to ask clients when something goes wrong and you can’t find it, does not make for a great customer experience. And it certainly doesn’t build trusting relationships. The platform allows clients to have their own area with resources, invoices, appointments, goals and any assignments you have given them, all nicely saved in one place. It’s the one place your clients need to find anything about your coaching relationship.


 free coaching app


They can book coaching sessions with you with ease It’s great that clients can come and book their next call with you when they need you, especially if you work with corporate clients. It all becomes a little hard to handle however when you have a lot of clients that need to do can become a logistical nightmare. You need a platform that allows you to set rules for your clients to book with you, so that if you only want to work with a particular client on Wednesdays, then you can allow the employees in that organization to book sessions with you only on that day of the week.  

Cash Flow is King  

Once you have taken great care of your clients, you want to make sure they're taking good care of you - by getting timely payments for your services Invoicing automation is one way of making sure that you offer payment plans that allow your clients to pay you in instalments without having to spend a lot of time reviewing and creating extra invoices along the way. CoachVantage creates recurring invoices for you which are connected to your PayPal or Stripe. Payments can be made online at the click of a button, ensuring that you get paid faster. 

CoachVantage, unlike some other coaching platforms, does not add any additional charges to your transactions. This means that you’ll only ever pay the Paypal fee or Stripe fee depending on which service you’re using. 

Tip: be mindful about hidden charges when you are selecting a tool. Although the monthly subscription fees may seem very affordable, you’ll get hit with additional charges levied on revenues that you earn from your coaching program sales. 

For illustration, let’s say you charge a fee of $500 for your coaching program and you sell 5 of those in a month. If the platform charges a 2% levy, that’s an additional expense of $50/month for you, on top of the subscription fee. Buyer, beware! CoachVantage will save you a lot of money in the long run, especially as your client base grows. And the great thing is that you can still benefit from professionally designed branded invoices and the convenience for your clients to pay with one click. Automatic reminders make sure clients don’t pay you late. This will help boost your cash flow which makes for a happy two-way relationship. If you’d like to create an exceptional selling and onboarding experience for your clients, try CoachVantage for Free for 14 days. Register below and experience it first hand.

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