Appointment scheduling software

3 features it must-have for coaches

Appointment scheduling software

Are you tired of playing email ping pong with your clients when trying to set up an appointment? Stop wasting time and relieve your headache by investing in appointment scheduling software.

You can opt for standalone scheduling software like Acuity or Calendly, but a smarter approach is to opt for an all-in-one solution that takes care of all your coaching business needs.

CoachVantage has three distinct appointment scheduling software features that will make your life so much easier.

And the best thing about it is that you no longer need to keep switching from one piece of software to another. All you need to do is log into CoachVantage and everything is at your fingertips. 



With CoachVantage, you can set up events like a free discovery call or an online webinar and make them available for people to book their slots. 

You can also set up your availability rules so that all your clients can see when you are available for queries, support sessions or additional coaching sessions. 

Block off the weekend, or switch off at 6 pm… you are in total control of the time you are available. 

Online scheduling is as easy as clicking a date and booking someone in automatically. It is easy both ways. Clients can reserve a date, or you can set a date for them.


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CoachVantage automates your business workflows so you can focus on impactful coaching results.

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The CoachVantage platform allows your clients to self-book their coaching sessions with you. Remember the availability rules we just mentioned? This is why they are important.

Once you set the rules, a client can pick a time block and book themselves in for a session. They can do this right from within their client account portal. It really is that simple. You can integrate CoachVantage with Stripe or PayPal as payment gateways and then collect payments online for your coaching programs or events.

Once clients have booked, both you and they will receive email notifications and reminders about the appointment. 




The world has certainly changed in the post-Covid world and as a successful online coach, you are likely to have remote clients from all over the world. 

This is where CoachVantage’s automated time zone conversion comes in handy. Forget missing meetings because of miscalculations. 

This appointment scheduling software feature will make sure that you are always in sync with your clients.

Another bonus feature of this platform is that it also syncs with external calendars such as Apple Calendar, Office 365 and Google calendar to make sure you do not overlap with any plans in your out of work life. 

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