Save an hour a day with booking automation

To conquer scheduling challenges, coaches recommend a reliable scheduler. How do you select the perfect one amidst the multitude of options available?

booking automation


Whether you’re a coach, consultant or manage a team of coaches, having smooth systems to run your calendar is important for your productivity.

Spending endless time relaying emails about schedules with clients and re-scheduling missed appointments can really take a bite out of your day.

Most coaches will tell you that the best way to overcome this is with a good scheduler. But with so many options out there, how do you go about picking the right one?


What your booking automation needs to do:  

1. Booking automatic synchronisation

The first thing that your booking automation needs to do is take you out of the process itself. So the first thing is to look for is a calendar that integrates with the calendar you’re using right now. 


Your online scheduler needs to synchronise your booking automation with the rest of your life. You don’t want a client to book a call at the same time you had your doctor’s appointment. The scheduler needs to synchronize with either your Gmail or Outlook calendar (or any calendar that you use for personal/business) and update in real-time with any new appointments automatically.


2. Slick interface  

The scheduler you pick will in most cases be the first touchpoint your prospects encounter with you when booking a discovery call. It’s also a page that a lot of clients will be directed to so it’s very important that it’s smart, easy to use and branded because this is a reflection of your business. 


Since your booking page is usually the first touchpoint, the way it’s perceived by your audience is therefore important because first impressions last!


3. Availability options


Another important aspect is the way you can manage your availability. 


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Regular calendars can be pricey when you start adding flexibility. It really helps to be able to configure when you’re available because you don’t spend all of your time coaching, do you? 


You need to be able to carve out time in your daily or weekly routine to create sales and have discovery calls as part of your client acquisition process... 


In fact, another important factor is that you’ll need a different page for your availability for discovery calls. If you want for instance to leave all your discovery calls for a Monday and then all your coaching calls on Wednesday and Thursday then you need to set-up your calendar accordingly.


scheduling app features


It’s key that your scheduling tool gives you the flexibility to set up different appointment types so you can segment your availability for each of them. 


4. Integration with your business


Probably the most important element of all is the way the calendar can integrate with the rest of your business. 


For instance, people who book a discovery call need to be entered in your CRM system to be followed up, clients who cancel might need to be invoiced for a late cancellation depending on your cancellation policy, and so on and so forth.


This is why it makes sense to use the native, integrated scheduler in a platform like CoachVantage. Built specifically for the needs of the modern coach, it helps you automate your calendar bookings while also integrating with other features like tagging contacts to follow-up, invoicing and easy, automated onboarding once they decide to buy. 


It’s hard to imagine how easily it integrates every step in your coaching business. It’s best to experience this for yourself...

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