Automate your discovery session booking and scheduling

Get fully booked with 1:1 coaching clients by automating discovery session bookings. Learn how to streamline scheduling for more bookings and success.

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Discovery calls are the life of every 1:1 coaching business. Whether you want to sell courses or do groups later, your first point of call is getting fully booked with 1:1 calls. You can only do this if you have a solid way of getting those discovery calls booked and sold.

How to automate your discovery session booking and scheduling: 1. Discovery sessions

Know how many discovery sessions you’re booking, how long they are and why. It’s important to begin from the basics. How much time do you have to dedicate to discovery calls? How many calls do you need to do to close enough business? 

discovery calls

It’s important to understand how many calls you’re closing. This means that you need to know how many people turn into clients, for example, if out of every 10 discovery calls you land 2 clients, and you want to book 10 clients per month, then you need to have 50 calls per month. 

If you can spare around 7 hours per week for the calls then you’ll need to fix your calls at 30 mins each. This allows you to speak with 14 people per week and book your 10+ clients per month.

It’s important to work this backwards to understand how long each discovery session needs to be. Your next task is to learn how to close in this amount of time. 

2. Automation during sessions for speed

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Using automation to book the sessions is going to help. However it also really helps to have other tools available on the call - those that will help you close the sale.

CoachVantage integrates your discovery session booking software with other coach business admin tools. It provides you with all the things you need to take along to your discovery calls.

- Packages sales pages On the call, you need to have access to the various package descriptions so you can answer questions and share the pages easily. This will help you use your time on the call more efficiently.

- Payment and Onboarding CoachVantage sales pages not only have the full details of your programme, but they also guide them to the next step which is taking payment. You don’t need to fiddle around with PayPal links or stripe payments.

It’s all automatically integrated into the sales page which, once paid, takes them directly to the self-onboarding process leaving you nothing to do but check your bank account.

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